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CBlogs of 05.25.2008

another day, another recap. gynecologist cobra will be taking up sundays starting tomorrow.

*- Double win with Shin Oni
*- Mr Workman speaks with Jesus
*- another dtoid booster pack. where's my card damnit!
*- dtoid helmet :3

S- On the Table (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- The Wii (wexx)
M- What can you change? (unstoppablejuggernaut)

TEO- Dynamic Sheep
TEO- NihonTiger90
TEO- lord zephyr
TEO- nilcam
TEO- 01DragonFly
TEO- Novakaine
TEO- Jakysan
TEO- manchest
TEO- fredcoiv
TEO- srph
TEO- kojack
TEO- artraider
TEO- jshelton
TEO- brokencd
TEO- mix
TEO- balth
TEO- dreamtiger5
TEO- xuse
TEO- superkenon
TEO- master cain
TEO- myquih
TEO- gen eric gui
TEO- castlevania

E- DtoidAustralia gets together
F- FNF Recap
F- new eu tf2 server
F- demios's first EU FNF
S- Child of the 90's
C- yashoki ranting about the r4
C- I don't even remember what it's like to have summer vacation anymore.
C- mxyzptlk got a 360
C- og xbox for custom figure?

N- Gears 2 Multiplayer info
N- COD4 for 39usd on Steam
N- something about print magazine reviews of mgs and ng2
N- id leaves the ESA
T- Game Scoring
T- A long GTA story about something.
T- inflation and taxation rears it's ugly head.
T- xbox Sceneit
T- patapon artstyle
T- Square Enix
T- herc's adventure
T- splinter cell double agent
T- wii homebrew channel
T- DS adventure games

F- Indiana Jones
S- mgs swag
S- custom ds case from etsy

V- liberty city obituaries
V- some machinima or something
V- more mgs on 360 speculation and then some random videos
C- #1
?- luc never makes sense to me
?- pokemon?
?- I don't know what your talking about
?- ?


I spent some time brainstorming Conrad's painting today, but I didnt' come up with anything I like yet =P I'm actually contemplating making a vinyl/resin kit statue like the things you see on Tomopop for Conrad instead of a painting. I more or less have most of the necessary tools.

anyway, I'm going to paintballing tomorrow morning so I'm out.

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