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Cblogs of 05.22.08


*- Baltimore NARP
*- Dtoid through the years
*- Dtoid Figures
*- Iron Sky. Can anyone tell me the name of the BG music?
*- Chicago's Retro Game Store
*- E Wastes

S- Death by Cartoon 106 (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Virtual ON (OhJAM)
M- Armored Core (Robot Fart)
M- DS (brecksher). Also boobs
M- Pokemon(tampytears)
M- Ninja Gaiden (Jynxshot)
M- Dark Sector (bunnyrabbit2)
P- Failcast 9 Tomorrow

C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- Booze and Conan
C- FES Contest (Ends 6.12)

E- Fanime Con 2008
C- jugs needs help
C- Arcade Days
C- Yojimbo's bookin' it for 2 weeks
C- Boagate
C- dtoider with maybe a job
C- unstoppable jugs lost his dignity
I- Verati
I- norm9
I- jortron
R- do I even have to tell you which console died?

N- DS Colors
N- Honestly, I think SC would be better without men all together.
N- may 23 EU releases
N- MG4, PoP Screens
N- Rockband JP DLC?
N- tatsunoko vs capcom
N- Star Craft 2 Sys Req
N- taking down DLC?
N- more Tastunoko vs capcom
N- look at the magical shrinking library on xbla
N- GH4 Guitar
N- Kojima Signing MGS4 in NY
V- Samba de Amigo
V- Soul Bubbles
V- Spore.
R- Solid Review on Penny Arcade Adventures
R- Age of Conan
R- Haze
T- Silent Hill 5
T- Niko's Voice actor its not as bad ass as Niko.
T- U R Mr Fat
T- The World Ends With You
T- Guitar Hero 4
T- EU Rockband DLC
T- Guity feelings in GTA4
T- Guitar Hero 4
T- Beer Pong Game
T- Shiren the Wanderer 3
T- Penny Arcade Adventures
D- Eternity's Child

A- People's Mario
A- Broken Saints
A- United States of Destructopia
F- Indiana Jones
F- more indy
F- Wii Fit makes you hot
F- I treid to watch this movie abut I feel asleep =P
S- FF Beadcraft
S- exhaust mounted flamethrower
S- Tshirts
S- more Customs

L- Bating virgins on WoW
V- Mario meets GTA from robot chicken
V- Toxic Consoles
V- Creep PSA
C- #1
C- #2
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- age of conan and some weird disturbing pedo picture
?- ?
?- ash?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?

S- #1
S- #2
S- #3
S- #4
F- #1
F- #2

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