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Cblogs of 05.18.08

I love sundays. nice and easy.

*- Dtoid Secret Booster Pack
*- Dtoid Booster Pack 3
*- Street Fighter on the Guitar
*- Jim Sterling entertains me once again.

M- Mariokart (4knuckleshuffle)

C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- FES Contest (Ends 6.12)
E- Win an Also Cocks Shirt
W- Does it Suck Winners

E- Belgium NARP
S- microsoft service
C- bioshock and some wwII books
C- goodwill goodness
C- sevink is making some sort of video
I- Curious George
I- Big Daddy
I- edco
I- dragfinder
I- Green Funk
B- Grampa Workman's Birthday!

N- ps3 XMB rumors
N- Sunday Bargains
V- Red Alert 3
R- Yaris
T- Air Rade Air
T- SC Cleavage
T- Dead Space
T- Haze Harddrive install
T- Iron Man
T- Professor Layton

A- splash of next gen lol
F- Jackass
F- LARPing? And some other videos

R- Castlevania YTMND
?- Santa is gay?
?- more rockband suggestion posts. I never read these
?- I'm not gonna comment on this.
?- xbox rrod's?

F- #1

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