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Cblogs of 05.15.08

Howdy. I'm back. my recaps are rather to the point these days. I reserve my witticisms for only a few posts a day. At first this is due to the fact that I'm busy as hell these days. Now it's because I'm busy as hell and I find that few witticisms are better for getting a bulk of information across, and it makes the few witticisms punchier. and I'm busy as hell.

also, for anyone who missed it yesterday, I finished another Dtoid painting, this one of Rio McCarthy

Also, Cincinatti "EVENT" looks epic, I'd love to go. Notice I said "Event." That is beyond a NARP that I don't think it would be right to call it a NARP.

*- Epic "sponsered dtoid event."
*- New Left for Dead Vids
*- This was so much awesome. My brain exploded.
*- Ghost is making DToid Cards
*- Satan Called. It's Snowing in Hell.
*- I was gonna post this but you beat me to it. Kick ass Grafitti animation
*- More on Madworld
*- Katamari is a Murder Simulator
*- Jack of All Trades does Mattfoo

A- Rogue, The Game that Started a Genre (PetiePal)
A- You're a Fanboy, So am I (OMGLOLZ)
A- Who the Fuck is Dr. Boa (DynamicSheep)
S- Death by Cartoon 105 (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Advance Wars (Gen Eric Gui)
P- Failcast 9 Beta

C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- FES Contest (Ends 6.12)

F- HL MOD Thursdays
S- Sony with some good customer service
S- vexed is not having fun with his xbox
C- Dick has alot of catching up to do
C- RobotFart is 12 hours in the future
C- PSP Downgrading in the Phillipines?
C- GGL Warhawk Tourney
I- Dickey
I- Moofey
R- Xenophilius's Xbox

N- April NPD
N- Soul Calibur XBLA Shots
N- WTF pricing on MGS4 Bundle
N- EU VC and PSP update
N- Another Lost in Blue. Will probably also be good premise poorly executed.
N- Lego Indy Demo
N- Chibi Haze Wallpaperz
N- Banjo Kazooie and Beyond Good and Evil 2
N- Disney DS Online?
N- CBS buys Cashwhore
N- DBZ Burstlimit Demo
N- EU Releases
N- KORG DS Synthesizer
N- Helix
R- Megaman X2
T- SNK Arcade Classics
T- some free games
T- Rare's Vehicle Builder
T- Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
T- Sonic 3 and Knuckles
T- Who has the Biggest Brain
T- poor design is poor design
T- Achievements
T- Pokemon Titles
T- DrNutt joins the PS3 Crowd
T- Dark Mist
T- Lost Winds
T- Dickey has no Life. Also WoW
T- Mirror's Edge
T- Poetic Review of GTA4

A- hardcore STALKER cosplay
F- Fox to ruin xmen some more?
S- So oldschool I have no idea what it is
S- Black Night Starter Helmet
S- Gears of War Figures

L- Flamebait
L- Fuzzy works for Joystiq
L- Actually I didn't notice that.
L- Clinton is GlaDOS?
R- Robots are taking over.
R- Toneman has no idea what's going on with gamestop.
R- More Sensible articles about GTA4's violence
V- freezecracker something.
V- how to have an opinion on GTA IV
V- This would be more impressive if I hadn't already seen CharlieSuh run up a 5 story building and vault across a freeway to another building.
C- #1
?- DTOID like black?
?- wtf is this?
?- ...?
?- ...?
?- ...?
?- I didn't have time to read this, but apparently it's fucked up.

F- I love wasting my time. Thank you.
F- ?


I've been doing a good bit of house hunting these last few months. The median house price in LA is over half a million dollars. HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Is it the material cost or something with construction? NO. These half million dollar homes easily go for 100k in other areas of America where people have sense in their head. California sucks.

Anyway, I apologize for my minimal participation in DTOID as of late. I'm still here. But with work at work and work at home and house hunting, my participation will probably continue to be very low until I secure some property. It's a very tedious task to find the right place when your about to drop 3 to 4 tenths of a million dollars for a shack. =(
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