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Cblogs of 05.08.08

Scary womanizing pig mask has you covered tomorrow and saturday. I was planning on doing the recaps, but SWPM offered and I said to myself "hell, I'm busy as hell right now. awesome."

*- I love tomopop too. my wallet hates them.
*- Good thing I'm colorblind.
*- Heartbreak in Liberty City

S- Death by Cartoon 104 (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- XBOX Live (DrNutt)
M- Commander Keen (FlonneMcNinja)
P- Failcast 8
P- DrollRoll on da failcast

C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- FES Contest (Ends 6.12)
E- Persona Contest: Gamegoblin

S- Animated Trigger visits Chucky Cheeses
S- a long as story about prom or something
I- AliasWyvernSpur
B- Takeshi's Birthday
R- Tamz's TV

N- Kid Icarus
N- GTA 4 100% Club
N- EU VC Update
N- Interview with Starcraft 2 producer
N- Source on Linux?
N- EU Releases
V- there be killzone up in my LBP
V- Saints Row Game Trailers?
V- Testament songs coming to Rock Band
T- Prlbems with Blizzard Digital Download
T- Rainbow Six V2
T- Retro: Kaboom
T- Xbox Wireless Reciever
T- 360 chows on discs
T- Deca Sports Hands on
T- Dr Mario
T- Mirror's Edge written by Rhianna Pratchett
T- Mirror's Edge not exclusive (wait, people didn't know that? I thought that was widely mentioned)
T- Disgaea 3
T- Saints Row 2
T- Killzone 2
T- GTA IV Radio
T- The Length of Games
D- luc is working on iphone games now

A- Castle Vidcons
A- Petey Pinata
M- I KILL PXLS 2nd Show
M- Musicz
F- Doomsday
S- Deadpool Customs
S- Cool Tshirt

R- something about former nintendo ceo being rich
R- more weird ads on dtoid
R- Anonymous
R- No More Surfer Girls
V- a collegehumor video. dicks
V- Twitter
V- Drive In
V- I have no idea what the hell this guy is saying
C- #1
?- guess something and win a month of xbox live
?- ?
?- ...a painting of a screenshot?

F- that was a shitty review
F- I dunno Cobra. I think he's got djcheetos beat.


Aside from getting some to work on art again, I'm in the midst of purchasing a Condo right now. It's a lot of work, especially since property is so expensive in LA.

Also. I Mr. Smoking Robot said he was lonely. I bought him a friend.

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