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Cblogs of 04.26.08 + Arkisms

I don't play online accept with DTOIDers and friends. Why? Because I like interacting with mature people. The online gaming community is just to saturated with prepubescent boys with only cursory words in their vocabulary and not a spot of courtesy in their repertoire. People have made the reference of "the xbox" baby sitting the children of people who really shouldn't be having children. But I think that analogy is incomplete. Really, it's the mature crowd babysitting the children of people who really shouldn't be having children in their mature rated online games. Seriously. If I could find the parents of every rude child that I've endured while playing online (which is not many, because I avoid playing online. BUT every single time I do play online in a non dtoid game, I run into them), I would mail them a bill for babysitting. Or I'd slap the mother and kick the father in balls with a firm "you-shoulda-used-a-condom" lecture.

But today was interesting. I've been itching to get to lvl 12 on COD4 so that I could get the TOID clan tag. This was a chance to get there faster (double xp weekend), which means less baby sitting.

So I generally don't say anything, during these games. I just ignore the children as best as I can. But today for some reason, one of these children started harrassing me for no apparent reason. This went on for an hour. Now your probably thinking "why not just find a different lobby?" But in my mind, I shouldn't have to, and quiet honestly these kids are everwhere. I finally broke my cool when he started talking about my mother and responded, "Look kid. I understand that your going through puberty right now. I understand this is a tough time where hormones are raging, and the world seems to be against you. I understand you have strong desires to make love to anything and everything, even people's mother's. I understand that you have a strong desire to take out your frustations on others. But please, behaving like this in anonymous environment can very well effect your behaviour and social habits in the real world, and you will never see a vagina other then your own mother's if you keep acting like that."

I immediately regretted saying anything. It was entirely a reflexive and I fell for the bait. Now I just had to wait for the inevitable shitstorm.

Ironically, it shut him up. In fact, not only did he stop talking, he quietly logged off shortly thereafter. Did I hit a sore spot? Not what I was expecting. Who woulda thought...


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