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Cblogs of 04.19.08

I was partyin' at dexter's. hence, uber late recap.

*- Awesome image from Kings of Power 4 Billion
*- Bunnies!
*- This is Vegas Developer Video

A- Things that should be considered in RPGs (Spoilers)
S- On the Table: Zombies (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Demo Whoring (topgeargorilla)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- AS Week 8

E- Shitty Movie Night
F- Halo FNF Recap
S- ps3 repairs/psp pandora
C- Trading in Games dillenma
C- ArrestedDeveloper is now British.
C- new pc. broken is broken.

N- Wow. Someone at Capcom fucked up real bad. IGN logo in Wiikami Cover.
N- Hori Stick for PS3 29.99 at Gamestop
N- Neutral GTA Review
N- How to get your Konami ID
N- Perfect Prosecutor
N- 360 Price cut in UK uneffective against ps3/wii
N- MK vs DC Site up
N- GTAIV Release & XBox Live Update
V- Xbox 360 UT3
R- Space Invaders Extreme
T- TF2
T- Microsoft and User Mods
T- MK vs DC Character Counterparts
T- milescosmo also wants his gta on pse3
T- Iron Man Xbox Live Demo
T- Japan doesn't like MK apparently.
T- Soulblade
T- Space Channel 5
T- Megaman Powered up/Harvey Birdman
T- Games are about da fun.
T- Thoughts on the DC side of MK vs DC
T- DC is full of pussies.

A- Penny Arcade in da making.
F- We are the Strange
S- RGBHV VGA Switch Review
S- Bad Company Gold Edition Box Art
S- Figurines from Comicon
S- PS3 and Wii "portable"
S- KVM switches.

L- The Gamers Toilet
L- Wii fit teaches kids about puberty
L- Superman does it in the butt
V- Oldschool 64 commercial
V- Bioshock Commentary Prologue
V- I want ze puff puff!
V- Racist Cops
V- Bonk?
V- TF2 related Videos
C- #1
?- 10?
?- not really iw?

S- really old
S- slow....
F- #1
F- #2

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