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Cblogs of 04.17.08

Not having to do these every day has given me a good bit of relief lately, due to the amount of OT I have to do at the moment. On the otherhand, I'm loosing the rhythm a bit so these take me abit longer. Oh well. Also, I haven't been able to read each post as thoroughly due to current time constraints =P sorry. Still getting a good read on atleast 80% of it though, I just gotta make educated guess on the other 20% solely off of doing these so much.

Thursdays are generally good days for me. That's because I get paid on every thursday. Also, my cellphone is fixed today (thank god). It's been so frustrating to not know how many more times I can hit snooze in the mornings due to a broken LCD. I think it made me grumpier -_-

*- 1st Death by Cartoon (Conrad Zimmerman)
*- Artistic Games based on Design Elements (Mandril)
*- MGS Tech and there real life Counterparts
*- Getting the Girl into Gaming (Story from Haxan)
*- Video Review of GP2X F-200

A- Complaining, the new Taboo (Yojimbo)
A- Media Scape Goatism on VG, Same Story-Different Cast (Drewcifer)
S- Educate Yourself (ZombiePlatypus Entry)
S- Answers to Great Retro Quiz 28
P- Failcast 7 Beta

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- MGO Beta Key Winners
C- UE Mod Contest?
C- Viewtiful Joe Figure Contest

E- ShinbokuCon
E- NY ComicCon
F- DS Thursday
S- surrounded by expensive paperweights
S- Gaming with the wife.
S- Urashima is back from WoW. Which means he's not really back.
S- PS3 Repair Wait
C- superbeefy iz building a computa
C- the moniez. what to do?
C- Sell Your Body
C- Opinion Dump
C- Question for RPG Experts
C- RE5 and Racism
I- Counting Conflict

N- Super Robot Wars Z Scans
N- Hell yeah! Cowboys in Gears 2
N- Web of Shadows
N- Custom Tracks coming to PS3 Burnout
N- Iron Man Demo on XBL tomorrow
N- EU VC Future Releases
N- Man Files Player Suit against Gold Farmers (old?)
N- Track and Field DS
N- Quake Live Beta is go
N- Keyboards in Rock Band?
N- Comedians in GTA IV
N- Entire Cities in GTA IV DLC?
N- GTA IV 11/10?
V- Afro Samurai. I wanted a fro when I was younger.
V- Spiderman, Web of Shadows
V- Back Breaker Trailer
V- New Saints Row 2 Trailer
V- New Soul Calibur Trailer
T- Apparently Big Boy doesn't like Destroy All Humans
T- Brawl
T- Warhawk Expansion
T- Wardrox is buying PS3 GTA
T- Alone in the Dark Live Play Impressions
T- Scheherazade in Soul Calibur 4
T- Track Mania Nations
T- New TF2 Achievements
T- MSO Beta
T- MGO Beta
T- MGO Beta (video)
T- MGO Beta
T- MGO Beta
T- MGO Beta
T- Young Snake in MGS4 Cardboard Displays?
T- Next Gen AI
D- New Wii Engine

F- HD Bitrates
S- Custon Arcade Sticks

L- Too bad you weren't raped in the butt. Would of taught your idiot brain a thing or two. Oh the LOLz
R- noob.com
R- noob.com (mk answers?)
R- Prisoner Files Restraining Order against GTA
V- Mortal Kombat Cartoon
V- Moar Jim in a Tub
V- Prevent It Commercials
V- Harrassment Panda gets Punched by a Woman
V- Battletoads?
V- Old School Xmen Genesis?
C- #1
C- #2
?- ???
?- something about skate?
?- no idea what's going on here
?- kidney stones?

S- #1
F- #1
F- #2
F- Shitty Videos?
F- #3?

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