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CBlogs of 04.09.08 + Arkisms

I apologize for the late recap. I've been getting off work past 10 pm these last few days. Tomorrow, Reaprar will be doing your recaps. That should be.... interesting. She'll probably fail 90% of the blogs. Also, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask will be doing Fridays recaps, and then it's back to Conrad Saturday through Monday.

Arkisms after the recap.

*- Support your Dtoid Musician today!
*- AngelsDon'tBurn Ikaruga Appreciation Video.
*- You Fucking win the Awesome Setup Award in my Book.
*- Good ol' Ron Workman says it like it is.
*- Destructoid Radio Experiment

C- EDS Free Points (Ends 4.10)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Viewtiful Joe Action Figures Contest
C- AS Contest Update
C- Wii games contest on some other site
E- Powerglove wants EDS's free points

E- Tazar could be Chad's twin brother.
F- Wednesday Night Warhawks
S- Conrad's Commodore Story. Good Story.
S- Excremento Digs up his childhood. Another good story.
C- Brainderailment is attempting to repair a bricked xbox he bought
C- Tubatic's old man is a pretty cool sounding guy
C- spouse to gamer spouse conversion?
C- Brian Keljore thanks RFGO
C- Everyone's playing ikaruga
C- except puppet apparently
C- Nothing like a totaled car to ruin your birthday.
C- Josh Dunford is back from tibet?
C- one box?
C- Release schedule not so good for people with small budgests
C- crunshii <3's destructoid
C- I think your GamerTag should be the The Crabz or something equally amusing.
C- Destructoid Radio
I- Sgt. Skull with an Intro Video.
R- Nihon's Xbox
R- Jpitner's ps3?

N- Sucks to be an Australian gamer, as usual.
N- Indications of an eminent home release?
N- some more EA/Dice marketting fuck ups
N- Amazon Wii Friday
N- New screen shots from a game that doesn't exist
N- Edgeworth getting his own game
N- Castle Crashers UPdate
N- New Wii Gamecube Controller
N- Sega Racing Studio closes
N- Rockband Dev Interviewed on UK Price
N- The wii gets BBC Iplayer
N- Sequals for MDK, Earthworm Jim, Bauldur's Gate
N- Pirates vs Ninjas
N- Karl Lagerfield spins for GTA
V- Rainbow Road on MK Wii
V- Mario Kart Wii
V- Yahtzee does No More Heroes
R- Ikaruga
T- Einhander and Ikaruga
T- Retrogames, Things Missed
T- Okami Wii Pricing
T- Xbox 3iimote?
T- EVE Online
T- The Allure of hard games
T- Ikaruga
T- Underlying Themes of Viva Pinata
T- GTA 4 ps3 xbox debate/arguing/flaming/whatnot
T- New NGage Phone and why it kinda sucks
T- Ikaruga Across 3 platforms
T- Condemned 2
T- Baroque
T- Rockband EU Guide
T- Console Bashing
T- PS3 Error Code infoz

A- Mega Model Wednesday
M- some music documentary
F- Dave Chappelle
S- It's a pretend Elite.
S- Portal Cake
S- Deathstrike's games part 1
S- Deathstrike's games part 2
S- Deathstrike's games part 3
S- Game Candy
S- Ghetto Mame

R- How to keep idiots entertained
R- Live with butmac. no so live right now at recap time.
R- fucking creepy photo
R- Uwe Boll. I'll admit it, I didn't bother to read this one because I could give to shits about uwe boll.
V- Portal meets WoW
V- Nerdism starts at an early age.
V- Uwe Boll responds to online petition
V- I don't know who Tay Zonday is.
V- Cats and some other video I didn't have time to watch
C- #1
C- #2
C- What reaprar said
C- What necros said
C- #5
C- #6
C- #7
?- I think this is satire or something
?- I don't know what this is about
?- ???
?- this wins the breaks ceark's feeble brain award.
?- what did I jsut read?

S- old for the millionth time
S- #2
F- #1
F- I know you're really takeshi.
F- I think my head started to bleed when I watched this
F- GRAAAAAAAAAAA *head explodes*
What the hell is going on today posts- women
What the hell is going on today posts- Summatard
What the hell is going on today posts- Robots
What the hell is going on today posts- Guys
What the hell is going on today posts- supposed to be funny?
What the hell is going on today posts- ???


- First thing I wanna to say for the day is that Niero, there's no end to how fucking awesome you are. The Destructoid Radio experiment is awesome. I shared it with a coworker and he was like "this is like 80% awesome and 20% wtf?" I say that's pretty damn good for a first run. Anyway, the radio really helped me get in the zone to get some good work done on my long ass day. You rock Niero. Even if you don't probably read my random crap, you are awesome.

- While I was listening to a particular song on the radio, I glanced over and saw Teta's icon bouncing to the same beat. it was a very mesmerizing and magical 3 minutes.

- When I saw a name that I recognized win the Turning Point Contest today, I smiled.

- There's some gamer stories from conrad and excremento today. Old folks tend have interesting life stories if you youngin's take the time to listen.

- I really didn't want to do recaps today. Today was one of those days where there was a bunch of posts where I immediately thought "What the fuck do I do with this?" Half of them disappeared thankfully.

- Yojimbo, that was weird, but we still love you anyway.

- Mite000 got off to a bad start (even royally ticked me off by setting off a pet peeve. I had a lapse in my level headed demeanor), but I had a chance to talk with him. He's actually seems like an ok guy and could become a pretty cool regular here. So if you see any more posts from him give him a chance ya?

- Carl Jr.'s ... So good. Yet so bad (for you).

Destructoid looks really good on the nokia internet tablet (not mine). Shitty cell phone pick.



I mean yeah I have phone insurance but it's a 50 dollar premium. That's a fucking video game right there. FUCK.
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I'm just gonna go end myself now. god. except for dtoid radio, what a shitty day.
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