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CBlogs of 03.31.08 + Arkisms


*- Colette has a DTOID CANCUN announcement. Just bumping this since it's an important announcement. If your going to cancun. If your not going to cancun, maybe not so important.

A- The blame game (nintendoll)
S- Musical Attack Monday (Passionate Styos)
S- A Weird Kids Top Ten (Excremento)
M- Survival Horror (Kryptinite)

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- EDS Free Points (Ends 4.10)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
E- RetRose (NihonTiger)
T- trailerparkjesus
T- bright nocturne
T- riselm
T- xiofire

E- Nick and Ron in NY
S- Canada is part of the United States
S- Mr Wilson on a DS Lite hunt
C- memory cards for psp
C- Snaileb is selling da retro
C- jim is almost hardcore
C- Nihon gets a bunch of games
I- not so good start?
I- nincompoopery
I- sthalor
B- Crakieraccoon's b-day
R- teknohed's xbox
R- blindsidedork's xbox
R- harelo
H- Kryptinite
H- you need to clean your room.
H- insomnia's....saxophone?
H- filarion

N- Star Craft II
N- Jack Thompsan Disbarred if appeal fails
N- new psn store
N- no MP/Online in prototype
N- free rockband still alive
N- psn update, no new downloades for 2 weeks
N- April EU Release Dates
V- Kevin Pereira says Rockband Teaches drums.
V- Still Alive on XBOX Live now.
V- Space Invaders Extreme
T- Why the hell does anyone live in australia?
T- some flash game
T- a retro podcast for the other 4 days of the week?
T- electronic addiction
T- Strategy Guides
T- Schmup from Kento Cho
T- Online Play detracts from single player experience?
T- Demos
T- Kirby's Final Smash
T- Brawl
T- McSnow makes a top 10 List about the worst things in gaming
T- dvd's stfuajpg repost
T- April PS3
T- Big Bang Beat
T- Retro becomes too retro?
T- Dark Sector
T- Vikings
T- Why don't consoles come with two controllers any more?
D- Eternity's Child
D- Agent Moo

A- Video Games IRL
A- stuff from conceptart.org
A- Mega Model Monday
A- liquidninja models a dream...laptop?
F- Bladerunner on blu-ray
S- Duel Analog PSP mod
S- Figurines

L- Microsoft Customer Service
L- april fools or something
L- april fools
L- Cheeburga is a guy! (April fools!)
V- What the fuck is this?
V- Battlefield Bad Company: Sarcastic Gamer Edition
V- nametags ep 2. it looks bad so I didn't watch it.
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4
C- #5
C- #6
C- more people coming to plug there shit
?- ???
?- ???
?- no pew pew pew?
?- ...?
?- ?

S- Tron Fan Vid, old
S- old gamestop commercial
F- #1
F- I couldn't ready this because your sidebar made my eyes bleed.
F- #3
F- #4
F- #5
F- I like your writing. I really do. But YOU JUST HAD TO POST RICK ROLL.


I don't think I ever made a formal announcement about this.

Don't post any Rick Roll videos in your blog. I don't care if you write an article that's fit for a Pulitzer fucking prize, I will still stick it in fail. One of those rick roll posts crashed my machine when I was almost done with the recaps awhile back and I had to start over. YES I AM BITTER.

I got an order of this stuff in today. It works like fucking magic. Seriously. I spread it on my nes carts (it looks like your dousing them in fucking jizz), scrubbed the crap, and then popped the games back in my NES. VOILA! Works like fucking new. No blowing, no jiggling, none of that bullshit. It just works.


I also thought I'd share this picture:

Back in the day when Square Honolulu was around, most of the FMV was done Stateside, which means a good bit of the CG artists were actually American, not Japanese. Anyway, as it turns out, one of my co-workers worked at Square Honolulu on both FFVII and Parasite Eve as an animator, so I got him to sign my shit.

Rio, if you're readin' this, I started some basic concepts on your painting today. Just trying to lay down some basic ideas before I commit to a composition.

The Destructoid handbound comic book will be delayed a month. Not because of time so much as financial reasons. I was going to go buy supplies to make the book today, when I realized there were some crucial tools I had to buy first (I used to the tools at my schools lab, but I'm not in school anymore...). So I dropped like 350 dollars today on a bench drill press and a large paper guillotine. It be nice if I could find a rotary printing press but those things are friggen expensive >_< (and not entirely necessary). So yeah, I'll have to budget in supplies to make the comic book next month =P
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