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CBlogs of 03.28.08 + Arkisms

A big thanks to Yojimbo for covering the recaps yesterday (I turned 23 and was enjoying a mini celebration with Dex and Charlie at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles). We then came back to my place and played Catan till like 2 in the morning.

My friends are throwing some sorta party for me tomorrow (er...today actually, since it's almost 3 am?) though, so I Yojimbo will once again be covering the recaps for me today.

Arkisms after the recap.

Also, thanks for all the B-DAY wishes everyone ^_^

*- Butmac and Clusterfucks
*- Takeshi gives us some PS3 Learnin'
*- Sad but true. (a little rant from Tolkien)

S- Ready to Friday (Topher)
S- 10 Things I learned this week (Aborto the Fetus)

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Audiosurf Week 5
C- Ret Rose Reminder
T- ZeroGear
T- Gamechamp

E- Husky Hog at COD4 Event Coverage
E- COD in NYC or San Jose event
E- Anime Boston
E- Midwest Gaming Classic
F- TF2
F- Halo 3 Maps
F- Euro FNF
F- Rockband/COD4
S- Sword5 has a humiliating day.
S- Shitty Campus network security bullshit
C- Content pending.
C- Not Destructoid Journalists
C- superbeefy needs computer advice
B- Cheeburga
B- Cheeburga
B- Cheeburga
H- ikea has everything.
H- corak
H- DVL's games

N- GTA IV and music downloads
N- JT on Trail Part 3
N- Prey for 5 bucks on steam this weekend
N- no rock band dlc announcement today
N- Commodore 64 Games coming to UK Wiis
N- MS responds to MC user content on PS3
N- Trials 2
N- Dawn of War 2
N- GTA IV Interview over on IGN
V- Warhawk Expansion Dated/Priced
V- Infinite XP Glitch on RSV2
V- MR Driller on XBLA next week?
V- GTA IV Trailer analysis
R- GT 5
R- Rainbow Six Vegas 2
T- Square Enix
T- Brawl
T- more Brawl
T- Some EU VC Games
T- Brilliam comes up with a review system of some sort.
T- videogames and parents
T- New COD4 Maps
T- Kratos vs Prince
T- Curser 10
T- Barrels
T- GamesRadar
T- Crisis Core
D- Eternity's Child

A- Scribbles from Skribble
F- War INC
F- 21
S- 50th Anniversary Diplomacy
S- Chilly Billy acquires a Sega Genesis
S- MGS4 PreOrder
S- Old School Gaming Mags
S- Quail?
S- Snes controller on your PC
S- MGS4 Preorder
S- Earthbound
S- Nintendo Water Games

R- Ron should be on this list
R- Free Games on dtoid
R- Mexico gives Emo kids more stuff to cry in the corner about.
V- midget spanish clinton?
V- Internet Commenter Funeral
V- Random Japanese Videos. First one is pretty fucking hilarious.
V- I don't know what the fuck this is
V- Brawl Opening Lyrics
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4
C- #5
C- #6
?- ???
?- xbox mvp
?- ?
?- ???namelessted stuff.
?- ?
?- EDS?
?- More EDS?

S- Old. But your avatar is awesome.
S- Prey on Steam for $5 Deal. slow?
F- #1
F- #2
F- #3
F- #4
F- #5
F- #6
F- #7


So I'm sorry I haven't given you guys a proper Arkisms in a while, or any art, or game reviews, or write ups I've been promising. I've been busy finishing up Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect. Now that I've been them both and their out of my hair, I'll get down to work new stuff for you folks starting Sunday.

Anyway, I was just thinking about what the hell to type for today's Arkisms. Then it occured to me that I have never actually made a proper introduction (well, I made on in the forums met and greet but like maybe 5 people saw that?). It seems almost customary that most people make a "first" post that introduces themselves. I figured I had already introduced myself in the forums and never did it CBlogs.

So, for today's arkism's, I will introduce myself. Please note, this isn't a fantastic write up or anything. That just takes to much effort.
My name is Joe Ark Sun.

Here's a picture of me putting Destructoid stickers to very good use:

This was actually from a CBlog post I made for the Velocity Micro contest. I doubt many people noticed it because I was relatively unknown at the time.

I'm a working artist. Art pays my bills. In terms of arts, I specialize in Painting, 3D and 2D Computer Graphics, Bookmaking, Fashion Design and Construction. Dissecting the field of 3D Computer graphics further, my main specialty is Hair and Cloth Dynamics, although I've had enough formal training in most of the major specialties to have a solid understanding of the medium as a whole.

I get artistic inspiration from almost everything. Some things I do most often for inspiration is playing video games, doing some sort of artistic research, browsing clothing stores, and reading Fashion magazines/catalogues. Yes I read Vogue, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Although I think Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters has the greatest fashion photograph ever.

I live in LA due to the fact that most of the jobs in my industry are here. That means I get to party with Dex, Charlie, Aerox, and Chad. Hellz yeah. Also, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

My all time favorite video game is Terranigma. This is not a bias with the main character of the game being named Ark.

I am 23 as of yesterdayish. This is means I am an Aries I. My Cardinal Sign is Fire, my ruling planet is Mars, my number is 9, and my Major Arcana is the Hermit. Anything you actually read about Aries I is probably applicable to me.

I can't swim worth shit. I sink like lead shell casings fired downward from a fucking howitzer into the Mariana trench.

I have a tendency to make random, weird fucking analogies.

I was born in Texas, but I'm asian. If you take a redneck and mix it with the "yellowness" of us asians, get an orangeneck. Yes I drive an SUV. and yes, it's a fucking useful vehicle.

My favorite food is Steak and Potatoes. I also enjoy Southern Fried Chicken, Waffles, Grits, Bacon, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw, Crawfish, Ribs that melt of the bone, Brisket.... You know what? Lets just say my favorite food is Southern food. Authentic Chinese Food is my 2nd favorite. This should rather predictable since I'm an Orange neck.

I love trains. Like, I really really love trains. I think it would be awesome if America had an awesome rail system. I do not, however, like train tunnels or subways. It's a freaking travesty to make these beautiful machines run in such tiny worms holes.

I also have a strange obsession with taking panoramic photos with my shitty cellphone camera.

My favorite film genre is Horror.

My favorite type of beer is a Heffeweizen (sp?)

It's after 3 AM and I can't think of anything else mildly entertaining about me. There you go Cblogs, my LATE LATE ass intro post.

~Back on Sunday.
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