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CBlogs of 03.26.08

Hey folks. It's now the 27th. That's a pretty significant day for some reason. Maybe it has to do with today being one of the 3 central days of Aries 1, represented by the Hermit Tarot.

Just maybe.

Also, Yojimbo will get your recaps today. I'll need either sadie, shipero, or yojimbo to do saturday to, so if ya'll are up for it holla. If not...I'll think of something =P

*- Excremento makes Lasagna
*- Dyson's in a good mood today.

A- Storytelling Theory. Copy pasta of his own blog? (Reaver197)
S- Japan (dvddesign)
P- Rev wants your opinion for PodToid

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
D- Contest Over. Internal Voting Ends Tonight
T- Stenchilp

F- Wednesday Night Warhawks
S- Dick McVengeance. Kickin' it stoneage style
S- 11 Year old save file from Dyson
C- singing in rockband
C- Watching others play games
C- kintaeb doesn't admit he's a gamer
C- sevink is selling his chrono trigger
I- Spectrum
I- sarin
I- revolt in color
I- ogo2k
B- Oh shit, it's To1kein's roomates birthday.
B- Oh shit, it's luc's birthday.
B- Oh shit, it's my birthday.
H- Darknight37

N- British Government to put Medical Warnings on Violent Video Games
N- Armored Core Demo on japanese PSN
N- Baby Characters in MK Wii
N- Tanya Byron Recommends BBFC Ratings
N- Castle Crashers Devblog Update
N- Ninja Gaiden II demo in may
N- Leaked GTA4 World Map
N- MK Wii
N- 50 cent game.
N- EU VC Releases
N- New COD4 Maps
N- Persona 2 Innocent Sin Translation
N- Darwinia 360
N- Take Two tells EA to fuck off.
N- New Soul Calibur 4 character has Madonna nipples. Also Pole Arms FTW. Fuck Sword (no bias a I swear. ok maybe a little). Also, Superflossy like vag-floss.
N- Gamerscore card update
N- It must be true.
V- Card Sagas Wars
V- samus and snake
V- A PS3 Tech Demo
R- Crisis Core
R- Crisis Core
T- crisis core
T- crisis core
T- Crisis Core
T- Modding in Australia
T- anime videogames.
T- 10 Master System Games Perry wants on VC
T- Myst DS full of bugs.
T- Game Deals at Go Gamer
T- brawl
T- lode runner
T- XBL Demos
T- sonic unleashed
T- Heart of Darkness PS1
T- 50 cent
T- Will Sonic ever be good again?
T- Battlefield: Bad Company
T- games cause all kinds of various diseases
T- swat kats
T- subspace emissary
D- jim a winrar

A- self portrait of itemforty
F- Movies to Not See
V- Aliens Colonial Marines
S- hatebreed signed ds. I dunno who hatebread is.
S- jinx tshirt sale
S- Stuffed Kitty
S- Ascii Stick
S- War Collecters Edition

L- what's wrong with this picture?
R- JT: On Trial
R- The World of Tomorrow
R- more brain teasers
R- sonic hedgehog gene?
V- 300 reasons to hate [insert console]
V- some british comedy
V- Zero Punctuation does Zack and Wiki
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4
C- #5
C- #6
?- yeah I have no idea what the fuck this is about.
?- not FNF?
?- I really don't want to know.

S- #1
F- #1
F- your banner broke the page
F- #3
F- From now, all rick roll blogs fucking fail. they always crash my computer for some reason.
F- #4
F- I ain't kidding.
F- I'm dead serious. This is a curse to my machine.

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