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CBlogs of 03.25.08

Todays recap is probably one of the shittiest recaps I've ever done, as you can tell by the amount of posts in the "?" section. This is due to the fact that my brain just can't handle doing two completely different things at once. Thus, trying to recap while appearing as a guest on Failcast at the same time (cause you know... I want to get to sleep on time) resulted in todays recap being crappy and I have no idea what the fuck I said on failcast. oops. yeah. but thats ok, because everyone else was drunk and probably won't remember what the said either.

*- Rio shows you her Happy Box

A- Overlooked Video Game Babe (Tug Your God Out)
S- RetRose Tinted (Conrad Zimmerman)
S- When Games go Wrong (Aertyr)
S- Japan (Dvddesign)
S- Get to know your Rockband DLC (Butmac)
P- Failcast Recording Tonight
P- No Podtoid this week =(

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
T- Cheeburga

E- Anime Matsuri
F- TFTuesdays
D- Workman in the Wild
S- Kezin was at vtech
C- that1dood wants to sell his wii
C- what ps3 games to get?
C- what wii game to get?
I- zeph
I- spectrum
I- trailerparkjesus

N- Operation Darkness
N- Operation Darkness
N- EU Rockband still undated
N- Periwinkle Night in Castle Crashes
N- ugly head of microtransactions in wiiware
V- Tales of Vesperia
R- Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
R- Condemned 2 Bloodshot
T- some more Microsoft Issues
T- Videogamers ruin society, society ruins videogames!
T- EA and Take Two
T- Spoiling Endings
T- Mass Effect = Star Control?
T- microtransactions
T- Rom Check Fail
T- Battlefield Beta
T- EA and Take Two
T- Age of Conan
T- Bad Company Beta
T- more Brawl
T- Maken X
T- Tabula Rasa @ Amazon today.
T- Rainbow Six Vegas 2
T- Hellgate turning into WoW
T- N+ Devs review XBLA Games
T- Halo 3
T- Crisis Core
T- Crisis Core
T- EA Console
T- Rockband Wii no DLC or Online
T- Wii VC
T- Gradius
D- Agent Moo game editor Vote ends tomorrow

A- Mega Model Tuesdays
S- Apollo Justice Swag
S- Portal Street Art, better picks.
S- ShadowKat paints her xbox controller.
S- MGS 4 limited edition

R- halo 3 panoramics
R- japanese people killed because of ninja gaiden?
R- celebrity interview?
R- World Famous Bimbo
R- brainteasers
R- anime
R- more anime
V- that crazy dude that killed his daughter.
V- a video about something.
V- britney and samus. I don't like this connection.
R- Another Gaybear Announcemnet
V- Smash
V- The destructoid store
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4
C- #5
C- #6
C- #7
C- #8
C- #9
?- Happy Anthony = Evil Chad?
?- Evil Chad = ?
?- Ipod?
?- ???
?- ???
?- ???
?- ??
?- ???
?- ??
?- ???
?- ???

F- #1
F- I can't read bold.
F- #3
F- #4
F- #5
F- #6

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