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CBlogs of 03.24.08

I was gonna do this on time today. I was also gonna write a review of lost odyssey today. But then I was like "I had a long day at work. I could use an hour break before I get down to writing." So played some mass effect. I'll leave you internet matlocks to figure out the rest of the story.

*- The Patch (Yojimbo)
*- Less Bureaucracy, More Parenting (Excremento)
*- Easter Eggs!
*- Music in Videogames, Japan Philosophy vs Wester Philosophy (naia the gamer)

A- Megami Tensei Retrospective (tehlvler)
A- Gaming on Demand (Clyde)
M- Musical Attack Monday(Passionate Styos)

C- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- One week left on retrose tinted contest
E- RPG Spotlight Contest (Koobert)
E- RetRose Tinted (Go Man)
D- DJDuffy
D- mid3vol
D- brilliams easter quiz
T- milescosmo
T- empire fff
T- thatredguy15
T- NobleArc

D- Dtoid Easter Egg
S- bigpopagamer goes to vegas
S- a story of somesort
S- some story-ing
C- nihon got rockband
C- zombian buys a psp for crisis core
C- reaprar is a woman.
C- segasonicdude is a guy
C- atlas is a terrorist
C- Miss Hinasaki has a cock.
C- mii's taking over the world
C- covah needs to pass college
C- PC Podcast?
I- conanfan
I- bman32x
I- falcodevil
I- gamefreakboom85
I- dizturbd
I- jenkens1012
I- guess you'll be dead by 25.
B- aertyr
B- game goblin
B- Aertyr
B- Game Goblin
B- Game Goblin
H- snoopbob2006
H- blacksheep

N- lego starwars bargain
N- wii vc releases
N- March EU Releases
N- rockband wii. gimped with the dlc or online play.
N- fallout3/200 endings
N- PS3 Firmware update
V- frets on fire
V- warhawk 1.3
R- scrabble
R- Rainboy Six Vegas 2
R- rainbow six vegas 2
R- Source Mod: DIPRIP
R- Vikings, Battle for Asgard
R- pursuit force
T- more brawl
T- Lost Via Domus
T- I never want to live in australia. ever.
T- console complaints
T- Marvel Ultimate Alliance
T- fancy suits
T- best of dreamcast
T- crackdown
T- console fps > pc fps?
T- Liesure Suit Larry
T- Obscure: The Aftermath
T- Brawl
T- the Double Jump
T- r-type
T- cod4 ds. Wait, they actually made a fucking cod4 ds?
T- captain novolin
T- Larry Butz Easter Egg in Apollo Justice
T- RROD. Although if you ask me, this is the attitude you have if you don't mind being pushed around.
T- rainbow six vegas 2
T- microtrasactions
T- opoona
T- Dark Sector
D- Eternity's Child
D- resting sound be makin' a game
D- resting sound making an rpg engine

A- Mega Model Monday
A- Kings of Power 4 billion
A- new animation from For Tax Reasons
A- mariokart comic
M- albums to game by
M- Games that Videogame Sample
R- buffy or something.
F- Blu Ray Releases
S- Original Seiken Densetsu 3/ Romancing Saga 3
S- Dragon Sword Stylus
S- gurren lagann figure
S- daikatana
S- lego futurama
S- Cubecraft
S- plush companion cubes restocked

L- cat vs dog
L- is there really a princess?
R- custom brawl level
R- brain teasers
V- nope. no clue what this is.
V- no clue what this is. some rap video
V- crazy sh 2 remix video
V- smash brothers
V- I have no idea
V- gaybear endorsement for 2008
V- megaman
V- Nicolas cage and captain falcon?
C-Y ou could really make these alot better.
C- #2
C- #3
C- I wouldn't click on this link if I were you.
C- #4
?- seizure warning
?- ???
?- ???
?- ???

S- Even Necros is slow sometimes
F- #1
F- #2
F- #3
F- #4

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