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CBlogs of 03.22.08

Back wit yo recap. I was up playing some games with a buddy of mine today.

Also, recaps may be a late tomorrow as well. I'm goin' outta town and not sure what time I'll get back.

*- On the Table: Catan (Conrad Zimmerman)
*- CTZ promotes literacy.
*- FOURTY unlockable weapons in castle crashes. damn!
*- Foe, writing with paintings
*- Another cool painting from Foe
*- Megami Tensei

S- The Playback Machine (ZargonX)
M- Hardcore RPG Gamers (Anus McPhanus)
M- Tourneyfaqs (Cutie Honey)

C- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
D- Cancun Contest Ending Tuesday
T- simmy
T- Mr. Pringle
T- Genacon

E- UK Narp
F- elitechief+FNF
F- Saturday Night Slaughter
F- Neonie and the Haloz
F- PS3 FNF Recap
F- Halo FNF Recap
S- mix buys a house. be glad you don't live in LA.
S- velt hasn't properly trained his significant other on gaming.
S- HumbleMrPerfect Games out his residence hall
S- Zatsuga's gaming memories
C- AngelsDontBurn needs yo votes
I- zomginterweb
R- cheeburga's xbox

N- GTAiv news
N- sonic unleashed
N- First of the North Star Flash Game
N- This week's releases
N- limited edition mg4 ps3
N- Tales of Vesperia
V- lego portal
V- Sonic Unleashed
R- Condemned 2
R- Rainbow Six Vegas 2
T- fpsmmo's
T- small affordable laptops and oldschool games
T- syphon filter
T- more brawl
T- something brawl related
T- something smash related
T- Is Andrew Ryan Really Dead O_o
T- Improving your console network
T- Crystal Chronicals DS

M- Flight Simulator Rig
F- Shitty Movie Night

L- pictoorz
L- peeps?
R- wegame
R- Brawl Last Supper
L- fonejacker
V- moosic?
V- no fucking clue what this is
V- older than the internet itself
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
T- #4
?- ???
?- ???
?- lolocausts?
?- a contest?
?- unboxing?

F- #1
F- #2

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