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CBlogs of 03.21.08 + Arkisms

So... I'm like 6 hours late with these today. But you know, sometimes when your at the end a game, your just gotta finish the damn thing before you can do anything else. Now I know "at the end" of a game shouldn't take 6 hours, but 6 hours is relatively short since I've sunken 70 hours into Lost Odyssey already. Phew. I'll have some arkstyle notes on Lost Odyssey soon for you guys.

Anyway. I'm friggen tired now. Today in cblogs...


ah whatever. Recaps below. I'm going to sleep.

Oh and Conrad, I picked up a copy of dead rising today. will play through that soon.

*- Epic Linerider
*- This is about as biased as I'll ever probably get. Dr. Pepper FTW.
*- They ain't no better fix then the ghetto fix.

A- Is the PS3 An Afterthought?
S- manasteels top 50 finale
S- Ready to Friday (Topher)
S- Fake Game Friday (mistic)
S- 10 things I learned this week (abortothefetus)
M- Fighting Games (solesurvivor)
M- J-RPGs (Mandril)

C- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Audiosurf Contest Update
D- ...is probably not going to cancun.
T- blacksheep
T- elpoopacabra
T- johnthecrow)
T- Nessie
T- Kintaeb
T- coonskin05
T- blufire
T- teen idol
T- ironmanrules1333

E- If Niero was the Katamari Prince, Redzie would be a ... I dunno one of those royal cousins I guess. AnimeMatsuri
E- EmeraldCity Comicon
F- Halo 3 FNF
S- TopGear Rocked Bionic Commando
S- Nad Crusher Sucks at Brawl
S- Jesus hates sterling.
C- Sterlin' Finds his daddy.
I- tug your god out
R- Mista' Chesta'
R- Citizen Brain
H- Binny101
H- bovine
H- sevink

N- Driving Theory Training DS?
N- EU Wii Update?
N- ticket to ride
N- greedy corporate bastards at gibson have ruined there good name. fuck em'
N- mass effect ps3, in game xmb?
V- Rockband Boston DLC
V- Defend y our Castle
V- 10 Game Reviwes in 40 seconds.
V- Crimson Viper
R- Atheistium on Brawl and Rockband, for you UKers
R- Condemned 2
T- Are Hardcore Gamer's Stuck Up?
T- Sonic's a whore.
T- something about TF2
T- drake and the 99 dragons
T- satirical list? or not? 5 things that are killing gaming
T- Athiestium tries Nerdcore and it went horribly wrong...? Top ten most promising Wii games of last year.
T- Pro Evolution Soccer
T- MvC Combos
T- No Profit for Indies on XBLA?

A- Teta does Tazer.
F- more SnakeEyes

L- Bioloshocats
L- Kevin Fenderline?
V- Daniel Day Lewis Vader?
V- Legos and Portal
V- Brian Crescente Reviews Brawl.
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4
C- #5
C- #6
?- u tell me.
?- LOLocaust?
?- I still don't don't want to know.

S- #1
F- plug your stuff somewhere else?
F- plug your stuff somewhere else.

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