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CBlogs of 03.20.08 + Arkisms

I've decided to rename Arktemplations to Arkisms. It's short to type, that would be only reason.

As you can see, I've updated the format today. I encourage everyone who's been following the recap to check out the "Hitchhiker's Guide to CBLOG Recaps" link at the bottom (this link will appear on every recap). It will always contain updated and useful info pertaining to cblog recaps.

Also, Steel Squirrel made my day again. He posted an awesome comment with a picture of a squirrel playin' the guitar.

Also, I'm in the new failcast podcast. >.>

Also, new avatar (actually, old....)

*- PSA Petition
*- Jack of No Trades
*- Art of Dan Hellman
*- Unsung Heroes: Conrad Zimmerman
*- The Destructoid Community Creators: GuitarAtomik
*- Educate Yourself, By Cowzilla3

S- Answers to The Great Retro Quiz! (Chad Concelmo)
S- You Know You Hate Them (Koobert)
P- Failcast 5 Beta
P- Pixel by Pixel

C- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Win Vegas and Swag

E- OutShoop RiserGlen (Necros)
E- RetRose Tinted: SMB 3 and the Frog Suit
D- 17 0f 20. one of these got lost along the way.
T- brandon Undead
T- alex
T- Argi

F- ThuDSay
F- Agent Moo
F- WNWarhawks Recap
F- Snaileb's FNF Update
F- Slaughter Saturday
D- Mr. D Papercraft
S- Sevink attends a Brawl Tourney
S- Atari Butchers LR's Trailers
S- Pansy-ism in Japan
S- Shin Oni find some free shit.
C- no content, but LUL'd
C- Gaming Syndromes: Leanitis and Jumperosis
C- Evil Chad is not so evil?
C- DJDuffy is in yo house, shtealing yo Memes. AND HOLY SHIT IS THAT A SQUIRREL PLAYING A GUITAR IN THE COMMENTS?!?!?
I- dyzzy part 2
I- masuta part 2
I- deadeye
H- Shipero
H- Alex

N- UT3 PS3 Patch is Here.
N- Brawl Related
N- Jack Thompson Wanted for 3rd Degree Murder of a Fax Machine
N- Flash Games: Neves
N- Bad Company Beta
N- Disgaea DS
N- Wii wheel is mum-friendly
N- COD4 DLC for 360
N- From the Onion: Nintendo Wii Blamed for Childhood Aggression
N- Starcraft 2 3D Usage.
V- Soul Calibur 4
V- some old machinima
V- Viking, Battle for Asgard
V- That GT DS trailer again. but some thoughts too.
V- Astonishia
R- Brawl
T- Pro Evolution Soccer
T- The Loss of Gaming Drive
T- What Happened to Split Screen?
T- XBOX 360 Wireless Guitar
T- The Music of THPS3
T- Ooga Booga
T- Rainbow Six Vegas 2
T- MGS Essential Collection
T- Rocket Knight Adventures
T- The Darkness

A- Creepy Homer (probably by the same person that did creepy mario?)
A- I laughed. Really hard.
A- It's a Tarp!
A- Brawl Comic...rap?
M- MvsC2 + I Kill PXLS
F- Marvel Cartoons
F- Lost
F- Wall-E
F- GIJoe SnakeEyes
S- Awesome Soft Companion Cube
S- Mario Cart RC Toy
S- Awesome Companion Cube in the wild

R- British People don't know what the moon is.
V- Mega64 reviews...discs?
V- nippleslip in full house?
V- The Easter Bunny Hates You
C- a trivia
C- needs moar.
C- wah.
C- I don't think anyone cares
?- what reaprar said
?- i keep seeing this and I have no motivation to try to understand what this is about
?- something about the virtual boy?
?- plugging a contest?

S- someone else posted these already
S- was on the front page already
F- I can barely read this
F- I can barely read this either.
F- #3
F- if everyone seems to think so.
F- this sorta fail is acceptable. also we are buzzkills
F- #6
F- #7

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