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Cblogs of 03.18.08 + Arktemplations

So....there appears to be a bug in CBlogs right now and I can't access the older threads. So here's like, a partial recap of the day. I'll edit this with the when cblogs gets fixed (probably tomorrow night). Blurbs after the Recap:

cblogs are fixed so I went in an added the ones I missed. This threw me off my rhythm abit so I apologize if I missed anything. Also, not the best of captions today, it's late and I don't feel like thinking.

Also, now that I have some free time again, I'll be revamping the look and format of the recaps to make them even more...more...[insert adjective of your choice]. expect some changes in the next few days hopefully.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- I have no words for this.
- I kill Pxls
- Jack of No Trades
- nessie. Great Intro

Community Series
- RetRose Tinted: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
- Games that I Love (Shipero)
- A Weird Kid's Top 10 (Excremento)
- Manasteels Top 50 Part 3
- get to know your rockband DLC (butmac)
- Albums to Game By (Batthink)
- Another Albums to GAme By (BatThink)

Community PodCasts
- GamersLedge 61

And the Gamers Who Play Them
- Casual Gamers (Mandril)
- Gaming Snobs (The Mole)

- HL2 Art Contest (Ends 3.17)
- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- RPG Spotlight: Yggdra Union
- Shoop Necros
- RPG Spotlight: Alundra
- RPG Spotlight: Update

Not My Turning Point Rig
- Shipero
- Niakori
- omglolz
- niakori

Game Notes/Thoughts
- Bully
- pro evo 2008
- Condemned 2

Destructoid Cancoon
- 16 of 20

- Blackmages

- alice in marioland
- vista toilet paper

Gamer Stories
- Passionate Styo's gives us a life story.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- online gaming
- something about the wii
- Patching
- Games are porn?
- more wii
- sheep
- dtoid mobile
- where have all the cool toys gone?


Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- wii shortage for another 6 months.
- uk justifies manhunt release
- diary girl
- Greenpeace
- awesomesauce: castle crashers to have 22 unlockable characters

- cincinnati brawl

All Other
- cliffy b on condemned 2
- genesis for iphone
- Rainbow six deal @ fry's
- UK Cosplayers Set Guinness World Record
- Necros is not Racist
- welcome to dtoid
- intel announces 6 core processors
- ea sponsors a uk scifi convention
- you don't know jack

- Street Fighter Beat Box
- oldschool I got high counterstrike video
- Fear Effect
- starcraft 2
- I have no idea what to caption this. Butmac.
- interview with StarSlay3r
- COD4 Bug?
- wii wheel
- metroid 2 remake
- I have no idea what these videos are.
- ds dropping
- K-Project
- interview with lil poison's father
- lego batman
- rockband DLC and COD DLC

- man. that sucks.

Film Related
- Blu Ray Releases
- HD Starwars

- fatsobob
- Vixen, Apologetic-ish, Promising not to suck this time.
- evilchad. sad story =(
- chewpathingy, part one
- notazombie
- masuta
- mandril

- Shin Oni
- Yojimbo
- brainderailment

Dtoiders Need Help
- where does a EU go to buy games in US
- importing games

Brawl Related.
- #1
- #2
- #3
- Brawl
- brawl
- brawl

Not Much Content
- send it to CTZ or something
- full tropic thunder
- some quotes

I don't get it
- braead
- squenix members
- crackdown
- no idea what this is about

- #1
- #2
- #3

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2
- #3
- if your gonna do these damn things everyday, write atleast a nice chunk and put in some pictures. put some work into it.
- #5
- #6

Redemption List
Thuper Hardcore. I don't think this guy will ever make it off this list.

About CBlog Recaps + Archives

Today's Arktemplation's I'm gonna share some meaningless shit with ya'll.

Story #1
So yesterday, I "bypassed" the snes's brilliant region protection with clever use of an exacto knife and a butane lighter. I'd like to note that burning plastic is highly toxic and bad for your health.

Still, the pain in my lungs after the surgery operation I performed on my SNES was worth it for this:

I don't think I need to say anything else. best game evar.

Story #2
I'll do it cause all the cool kids seem to be doing it now:
My setup:

This is where I do most of my work. Big ass 13x19 photo printer on the left. Good shit.

Where I eat and stuff. And do more work.

My reading corner.

this is my entertainment area. Autostich doesn't do hemispherical stitches all that well. I was gonna manually stitch a cool orb, but that'd take too long so I just haphazardly collaged them together instead. Plus it juxtoposition of images looks kinda cool and differentiates them from all the other pano's now charlie decided to go share my secret art ninja techniques with everyone *cough*. j/k

anyway, 42 in 1080p samsung, xbox, ps3, no wii yet because the damn things are impossible to find (probably because nintendo is keeping they're stock artificially low. shortage my ass, I choose not to believe that). the red shelves on the left are entirely video games, kitchen is nice and close for snacks and drinks. The futon folds out into a full size bed for guests staying over. blah. I live a one bedroom+living room apartment. Thing is, because I live by myself, the whole damn thing is pretty much "my bedroom." In fact, my bedroom bedroom only has a bed in it. Thus there's alot of open areas, as it is pretty big for an LA apartment.

Story #3
I bought a dualshock 3 (imported) today. It is fantastic. It feels great and has the "heft" they were talking about on retroforcego. I feel like if someone broke into my place, I could club them in the back of their head with it in self defense.

Story #4
I had something to write here. But then I forgot. Oh well.

For Hamza #1:
This is for you Hamza
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Prepare your stomach awesomeness. That's all I gotta say.
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