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CBlogs of 03.13.08 + Arktemplations

a little early for you guys today. a short arktemplation after recap.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Podcasts: Failcast 4
- this news made my day. VP DS

Community Articles
- Nintendo (Covah)

Community Series
- Great Retro Quiz .23 Answers

- HL2 Art Contest (Ends 3.17)
- RPG Spotlight Contest (Ends 3.24)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- RetRose: YouKilledMyGuy

Not My Turning Point Rig
- commish
- nixon506e
- nihontiger90
- zammon

Destructoid Cancoon
- 10 of 20

- I don't what this is about. Luc giving us more news.

- moar on Grim Fandango Tshirt

Gamer Stories
- "Nintendo hides their problems like shameful parents hiding a retarded child they keep in the basement"
- surf is good at haggling
- dvddesign and his drm issues
- cruising
- big filth actually uses those notes pages
- soul is busy.

Game Notes/Thoughts
- condemned 2
- Center Court Tennis
- starter dungeon
- Hellgate London
- Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
- condemned 2
- bunch of DS games

- Topgeargorilla at Capcom Digital Day
- Athiestium in NY
- play.com live

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- PC Gaming

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- pal VC
- shantae 2
- mgs compiliation coming htis month
- PAL NMH tomorrow
- incredible hulk
- bomberman wiiware
- PSN Updates
- something about the MLG
- capcom hates da ps3's

- ThurDSay

Film Related
- news in film (snaileb)

All Other
- create your own phoenix wright games
- To Nintendo, From Mario
- rockband ps2 @ amazon today
- good god it's all bold. reclusivespirits setup
- more doodles in rockband art maker
- colbert in WoW. Almost.

- I don't know what this is
- hulk trailer
- video game pitch meeting
- some metal videos?
- blehman. i'm gonna have to kill you for the link you posted in the comments.
- princess peach does the spread eagle
- porn in the 70s
- CG Commercials
- gigantor

Smash Brothers
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5

Not Much Content
- lost odyssey
- random igniting strippers
- ron is right again.
- 1942 remake
- 360 not getting bluray
- santanaclaus wants a real megaman game

Not Missing Much
- something about ms and digital distribution
- milescosmo has no idea what's going on
- ...
- video has been posted before

I don't get it
- #1
- nuff said
- #3
- some dog pictures.
- a link
- what the hell is this about?

- #1

Maybe Fail?
- #1

About CBlog Recaps + Archives

Urashima's post about VP DS reminded me of a tattoo I made awhile back based off of Lenneth's Helmet. I'm still planning on getting this at some point, not sure when. Thought I'd share.

Anyway, I was thinking of a cool feature that would be awesome for Destructoid to have one day.

You guys know those databases on IGN/GAMESPOT/1up what not that lets you keep track of the games you own? How freaking awesome would it be for DTOID to have one of those? I really have no idea how it would work and be updated and shit, but it be epic. Especially if DTOID's database was much more complete.

... yeah not much for you guys today.
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