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CBlogs of 03.10.08

So today, Retroforce Go mentioned this store in LA called "GameDude." I had to go check it out. Let me tell you, this place is like a retro mecca. They have more retroshit in one store then i've ever seen. I bought a dreamcast, snes, and a n64 today, all in great working condition.

Now you may be thinking "don't you already have those?"

Well let me tell you, walking in that store has let me come to terms with something I've been denying for a couple months now. The last time I was home, I looked all over for my retro shit. Couldn't find much except a few things. I spent a lot of time thinking "oh I didn't look there" or "oh, I forgot to look there." But now I've abandoned all those hallow thoughts. Every wonder how all that shit ends up in Dyson's goodwill?

Anyway. I never brought it up, my parents purchased all that stuff in the first place, and it's their right to do with it as they please. I'm just grateful that they allowed me to be exposed to it as a kid. And truth be told, I think alot of it I lent to people and never got back, or traded it in when I was younger (because I was STUPID) and forgot that I traded it in, or lost shit, or whatever. Also, a good bit of it belongs to my bro (like the dreamcast stuff, so I guess that really doesn't count). Basically, it's been nearly 10 years since I've touched most of that stuff so it's my fault for not really keeping better track of it. Atleast some of it (especially some of the more rare stuff, like The original Terranigma in Japanese in near mint condition, I still have thank god).

Point being, I'm anywhere between 400-500 games set back in my collection. But that's ok, Thanks to retroforce go, I have a means to quickly re-amass my retro collection. I now have a means to do it myself, because I'm financially independent and have extra money after bills and savings. I don't need to fool myself into thinking that didn't lose it all to make it hurt less. I can except the pain of loss now.

Thank you Retroforce Go. I <3 You.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Communitizing: Dynamic Sheep Amasses a Dtoid Friendcode list.
- Sayin' it like it is: DVDdesign gives us the lowdown on the Dreamcast Phishing Scam.
- Nostradamus: Deux Ex Predicted the Present Future
- Blow your wii. Good for nostalgia, you know if you liked blowing carts back in the day.

Community Series
- New Games for Retro Gamers (Nilcam)
- 10 Things as Overhyped as Brawl (Coonskin)

- HL2 Art Contest (Ends 3.17)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that smash contest (needs to hurry up and end)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- bahamutzero. nuff said

Not My Turning Point Rig
- Thornn
- brosef
- abortothefetus
- jerkface
- nukka jdav
- Nats
- jugs
- WTF Joel
- maxio098ui

Destructoid Cancoon
- Thornn rapes our eyes again. Pushes Tazar.
- 7 of 20
- Responding to a contest...with a contest!

- itemforty gives us a doodle. looks like charlie.
- Cyanide and Happiness
- Luc gives us a sad lowdown
- more lowdown from luc

Gamer Stories
- Almost a good story. What blehman said

Game Notes
- brawl
- brawl
- Scorched Earth
- brawl
- brawl
- brawl
- enter the matrix


Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- PS3, SNES, Linux, maybe not in that order
- Why Does Nintendo Hate Luigi? (awesome painting in this post)
- this has been brought up many times. too many games

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- starcraft 2 shots
- Left4Dead
- mach5 in gt5?
- Dawn of War 2
- Iron Chef Game? I'd buy that.
- xbox price cuts
- xbox price cuts
- EU Releases
- condemned 2 delayed a week on ps3
- Lucs game not coming to states? Dat sucks.
- Rockband DLC
- Mass Effect DLC today
- there are way to many asshates in the world.

- Dtoid Forum Poll: Xbox fail rate

All Other
- Summa Be-gone, from Reaprar Industries
- The Book of Summa
- Introducing a possible community series
- electristan shares his crib
- wiidriver @ amazon today.
- jugs ranting about COD4 or something

- Wii Dr Mario, Wocter Mario, Wiictor Mario, Dr Wiirio? nvm this wii joke just isn't gonna work.
- Sadie G changes her blog header regularly. Also Mila Kunis.

Not Much Content
- brawl
- captain obvious
- some music

Not Missing Much
- Preesheep Friend Codes
- Presheep Friendcodes
- destructoid raven
- go read cnet or some hardware reviewer.
- dtoid ads rape ears
- destructoid ads

I don't get it
- someone plugging their site on destructoid with a contest? #1
- someone plugging their site on destructoid with a contest? #2
- You have an awesome avatar. Seriously, I want a squirrel that plays a fucking harmonica.
- Interview With DVD's mom Part 1
- Interview With DVD's mom Part 2
- Random Thoughts from a Moron Part 1
- Random Thoughts from a Moron Part 2
- something about hitler]
- ???
- some trailer
- I don't like the internet
- I'm neutral on the internet
- I will marry the internet
- Brawl, Nothing to do with the internet
- i love the internet more
- i love the internet round 4
- i love the internet round 3
- i too, love the internet
- i love the internet
- marshmallow hamburger? nsfw banner

- #1. Atleast you Nerdgasmed.

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5
- #6

Redemption List
michiyoyoshiku +1

About CBlog Recaps + Archives

I'd also like to plug some music from one of the Dtoid regulars. Not all of you may know her because she's not a poster, but she comments regularly. The otherday I was just browsing through different DTOID member profiles because I was bored. On kacie360's profile i discovered that she's in a band that she never seemed to mention. Now, this is just a personal thing, but I'm not a big fan of garbled vocals that sound sorta whiny and you can't really understand. However, the instrumentals are really freaking cool and have made for good background working music these last few days. So if you like garbled vocals, or you like cool instrumentals and can ignore garbled vocals, check out their site which has they're music available for download until the site expires on march 17th. Try not to kill their bandwidth though, some hosts rape you in costs if you go over the limit (it's happened to me before when I went over my 20 gig limit by like 800 gigabytes).
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