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CBlogs of 03.07.08

I grossly mis estimated today. This took me nearly 2 hours. I ain't gonna lie, deciding to alphabetize the not-my-turning-point-rig was one the worst decisions I've ever made in my life. (I don't make a lot of bad decisions).

I want to point out something though. On that list, how many people do you see are regular posters/commentors? not many. Now how many of the rest do you see have one post, no friends, or any other indication that they joined just for the contest, and most likely we'll never hear from them again if they win? Most of them. This is why, destructoid regulars, I want to encourage you to enter if you haven't. Because the contest is random, the more destructoid regulars that enter, the high the chance that a destructoid regular will win. I'm with Jack of no trades on this one. It will be a crying shame a non regular won, and it will be an even bigger shame if after they win, we never hear from them again. kinda like the winner of the last computer. haven't seen him around.

Also. I seemed to have ticked off a few people yesterday, as some of the comments indicate. Cheeseburga I could care less about, but whatever I did to piss of Nihon and Rorschach, sorry dudes.

Although everyone else seems to be ok with the format of this thus far so I'll just keep going.

Also, I wanted to say, I've officially done this for ONE month now. Thanks for the support DTOID community. Also, there was no weekly recap today. I'm not gonna do those anymore, since I have a permanent page for the archives now.

also, FNF COD4 was great fun tonight. I haven't had time to get on in awhile, so it was a good treat.

new section:
I have no idea what this is about. This should be self explanatory.

also. steel squirrel has an amazing avatar.

also, on disc 4 of lost odyssey now. it's good, but it's a joke how easy the game it.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- ARTS: Bubble Bobble Hat
- DTOIDers in the Industry: VG at GI
- ARTS: Hamza's Art Attack Friday Supplement
- RON WORKMAN: Yeah, ron deserves his own tag. Also, awesome photo by charlie in comments.
- RON WORKMAN: Neonie gets some cool shit.
- RON WORKMAN: This is fucking hilarious.
- Paul Robertson. Nuff said.

Community Articles
- Why everyone is crazy for brawl.
- New games for a Retro Gamer
- Pc Piracy

Community Series
- Objections! (Genki Jam)
- Point (Aerox)
- Counterpoint (CaffienePowered)
- ready to friday (topher)
- 10 things I learned this week (abortothefetus)

And the Gamers Who Play Them
- Something a little different (ZargonX)

- Tragic Hero Contest (Ends 3.7)
- Prove You Bought NMH (Ends 3.7)
- HL2 Art Contest (Ends 3.17)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that smash contest (needs to hurry up and end)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- Halo 3 Benefit Tournament
- Prove You Bought NMH Contest Results

Not My Turning Point Rig
- aildfan
- angelsdontburn
- arresteddeveloper
- beedun
- boxincognito
- cakeluster
- canen
- ccgeneral
- ceark
- chaosmage
- Chillybilly
- cyphervr
- D
- danielmachine
- DeadMovieStar
- digweed13
- DJDuffy
- Drav3n
- dude101
- dvddesign
- ElectroLemon
- EternalDarkWing
- Facey Facem
- galagabug
- geffkyi
- geminieye
- gingerbreadbn
- giraffywaffy
- handdyman
- harrassmentpanda
- hawkpithero
- heardatbeat
- itsjoshy
- jack of no trades
- jdub28
- jetsetlemming
- JFBguy
- john b
- johpan
- liam2015
- Log1c
- kageryu
- kanneya
- kholdstare61
- kryptinite
- kyrengraves
- manasteel
- mee
- miodd
- mix
- mrberns
- mikescool
- monkeycat
- neonie
- Pedrovay2003
- Petrie
- roryzilla
- sarin
- schmoozle
- seanus
- sgt cheescake
- shmelo
- silverback55
- Silverhertz
- sirrigby
- skido85
- steel squirrel
- takeshi
- thunderheartXI
- tsunamikitsune
- tubatic
- twistedimp
- vampireblood
- vlambo
- Wedge
- wardrox
- willister
- yojimbo
- youkilledmyguy
- xmalachi
- zacbentz

- He felt sorry for me so he made another post for me to recap. Also Baileys.
- WIN: coonskin
- Amaru Double Post #1
- Amaru Double Post #2
- oilrig
- as a joke?
- topgeargorrilla cracks me up

Destructoid Cancoon
- EPIC: That was a joke, haha, crescente. Also woman trapped in mans body.
- EPIC WIN: I was too busy staring at Zoe again to read this. (just kidding, this a good one)
- #4 of 20

- A Comic about Phist
- The Fist Pound
- I see what you did there.
Gamer Stories
- Megacon Photo Diary
- claymore works in a gamestore

Game Notes
- albert odyssey
- brawl
- Jimpresions: O_O;
- coonskin does EIEIO (NSFW)

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- component switch boxes
- Advertrashtalking
- brawl parties
- homebrew
- daylight savings
- Alternate Universe Toid: Saturn 2
- I don't know the answer.
- smash brothers hype

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Eternity's Child
- eu gets Kirby64 on VC
- an assortment of news
- Sim2 Doubledeluxe. I can't picture sadistic playing sims for some reason.

- Tragic Hero
- Snaileb
- vexed alex
- wardrox
- Yojimbo

- maybe it's dying, but it's probably because naruto is a buggy piece of shit.

All Other
- old interview from 1995 with Phil Harrison
- smash
- small arms vs brawl
- gamer's guinness
- a petition of some sort.
- Dragon Warss
- Pinksage shares her gaming shelf.
- AP stylebook for gamers
- powerglove apologized
- brobots anticipates some titles
- terminator
- God is definately laughing at you.
- Penumbra
- Turning Point
- CulturedCast. I don't think this ones community?

- boss battles
- gary gygax. in spanish.
- cooking with scorpion
- halo 3 kid. old though.
- TF2 videos
- mega64
- bukaku 3
- rockin' the knife
- Tiff keeps us entertained.
- geoff on coinop tv
- mario kart wii

- chaosmage
- noodlesmcfatty
- giraffywaffy

- the shroomgod

I have no idea what this is about
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5
- #6
- #7

Not Missing Much
- i see what you did there.
- look I'm gonna make a caption longer then this blog. this is the story about one sentence and a link
- typing your alias is like a rock band arpeggio
- old man to run a marathon. props to him if he does it because I can only run to the bathroom.
- PSsy
- pedro acquired brawl
- cloud09 acquires brawl
- well that sucks
- hulk
- patapon
- yeah that was a big mistake.
- roryzilla is playing lost odyssey
- thebza likes bully

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2 What harrassmentpanda says
- #3

Permanent Fail
please do not feed these trolls

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