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CBlogs of 03.05.08

Shit Ton of Failing today.

Rant is up after the recap. Unfortunately, the it seems DTOID is having some image server problems. hopefully the pics will be back up soon as they're pretty imporant to the rant

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- I think these hats always get pick of the day for some reason.
- WHOA. You don't see stuff like this on TV everyday.

Community Articles
- Yojimbo gives us the lowdown on fanboyism

Community Series
- Rantoid (Nihon)
- Hypemachine (Cowzilla). Didn't I link this before?

And the Gamers Who Play Them
- Harvest Moon. (Tubatic)

- Tragic Hero Contest (Ends 3.7)
- Prove You Bought NMH (Ends 3.7)
- HL2 Art Contest (Ends 3.17)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that smash contest (needs to hurry up and end)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- Podcastle Comp: DanGale
- Podcastle Comp: McSnow
- Conrad wins another contest. he must be good at winning.

Destructoid Cancoon
- 2 of 20
- not a cancoon entry

- Agent Moo
- Soldier
- Mega Model
- Eternity's chid.
- VGCats TF2

- Knife Eye Attack Shirt.

Gamer Stories
- video games and job interviews.
- microsoft service

Game Notes
- Army of 2

- FFTactice. no content here.
- chrono cross.
- more chrono cross

- a party in oklahoma.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Orange Box
- 11th hour
- Preservation of Future Classics

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Topher makes mess in pants over this kinda stuff.
- brawl related
- EA opens sims 3 website. no content here.
- Heavenly Sword 2 / Sims 3
- amateur surgeon
- secret service
- EA lets Mr. NSq know he's a douchebag
- prince of persia filming in Morocco
- more shitty shovelware news on the wii
- Tekken 6 in us arcades
- Bully 360 is broken?
- more bully is broken?
- Lost Planet Colonies Achievements

- Wednesday Night Warhawks

- Rorschach's Xbox(s)
- another victim

All Other
- timshift @ amazon
- smash
- more dumb parents
- I want to eat there.
- I still don't know what this is about
- patrick swayze has cancer
- guitar hero online game
- sam and max animated series
- brawl
- TF2 Instructional Video
- summa and crew failing at something
- Nilcam on Layton
- DoDonPachi Petition
- George Romero Q&A

- Bo Selecta
- DMC4 Zero Punctuation
- brawl
- ziff davis and random videos
- JPWii
- I feel sorry for the alien chick.
- live street fighter performance.

- No7

- Phist

Not Missing Much
- nothing to see here really.
- r6v
- link to tomopop, but not content.
- UR half wrong. I bought on ps3 so none of this 2 live accounts bullshit for me
- watchman cast
- aaron got brawl. review coming.

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5
- #6
- #7
- #8

About CBlog Recaps + Archives

Rant #1 (Lost Odyssey US Casing)
So I really like Lost Odyssey. Being that I'm OCD in taking care of my games, especially the good ones, I opted to buy 4 disc DVD cases to put the game in. (2nd disc is currently in my xbox)

(picture of lost odyssey in a 4 disc case I bought seperately)

This brings me to the point of rant #1. WTF microsoft. This DVD box cost me 25 cents. When I pay 60 fucking dollars for a game, why can't I get a DVD box that actually holds all the discs? It's not like you didn't make them, cause Japan and Europe certainly got them. I get it, XBOX is doing fine in US, so you don't feel the need to spend a few extra pennies on your customers to give them proper game boxes. Shit I've never had to do this before, EVER. This is EPIC FAIL, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Rant #2 (Responding to Fail Blogs and Attention Whore)

(picture of an attentionwhore's blog posts and all the fucking attention you wankers actually gave her)

I should not even have to explain this image. I blurred out the name cause I'm not a douchebag, but we all know the original poster. We already know she's not been doing to well in the win department. But this rant isn't about her. This is about how some of you, in the Destructoid community are failing. I'm bringing this up because they're are several posts related to this today.

Now, I can see it being ok that a few people go in and post intelligent comments at the beginning informing her she can do better. Hell, I even posted a few comments in the first posts, but I kept them rational, and I only posted one. However, when I began to see she was not going to improve, I STOPPED RESPONDING. And you know what Dtoid community? YOU SHOULD TOO. This doesn't target this person specifically, but all posters who show no sign of improving from their failage. Yes, alot of people fail when they first begin, but some get better. When they don't, you should ignore them, because it means they're TROLLS.

And on top of that, because she's a semi attractive female failer, for some reason you guys feel the need to feed her more. Blogs like this should not warrant this much attention of any sort. I get, alot of you are pubescent boys who have never seen a real vagina. Lemme tell you something. Responding to this kind of poster isn't going to get you any. And for that matter, if your the kind of person that continues to feed the troll, you'll probably never get any anyway, because you a pussy whipped little bitch. And no matter what girls tell you, pretty much no woman likes a weak ass no will of there own pussy whipped little bitch.

But that above paragraph doesn't apply to all of you, not all of you are pussy whipped bitches. Some of you are just indignant and upset at attentionwhores are feel the need to flame. Understandable. But lets put this into perspective yes?

Situation 1:
-Attention Whore Makes lame post.
-You post something sucking up to her.
-Attention Whore wins, cause you're a pussy whipped little bitch.

Situation 2:
-Attention Whore Makes lame post.
-You post something flaming her, but not so intelligently.
-Even if you're flaming her, you still look like a pussy whipped little bitch. Only now she's in control of your emotions.
-Attention whore wins.

Situation 3:
-Attention Whore Makes lame post.
-You don't respond.
-Attention Whore does not win.

And another addendum. Maybe you're a commenter that's not pussy whipped. THEN YOU HAVE LESS EXCUSE. you should be immune to this kind of attention whoring. shame on you.

Get it? Good. Now obviously, the pussy whipped little bitch does not apply to the respectable female members of the DTOID community. I get that it's upsetting when a female comes in and makes a fool of herself, because they're are so few of you. It's even forgivable. Still, the best bet is still to just ignore this kind of shit. It seriously will go away.

(the 2 female intros in the not so active forums, one of which is married, some how got hundreds of responses, while the surrounding male posts get jack shit.)
What do I see? a lot of pussy whipped little bitches.

Rant #3 (Respect)
Continuing on Rant #2, I think they're something else that DTOID community can do better.

It's called, respecting the gamer girls of the dtoid community.

Now let me preface this by saying I love Tits and Ass as much as the next guy (or girl, because most girls I know really like tits too. I guess it's just an aesthetic). Plenty of people post SFW tits in they're post. That's cool. Some girls may post they're own tits. As long as it's not really done in demeaning way and completely in context, that's cool too. And if it's in a demeaning out of context way, well, I'm sorry you have no self respect; it's not entirely your fault, you're just a sad product of an unfortunately male dominant world and I hope you don't stay that way the rest of your life because you will probably die sad and empty.

That being said, I don't think harassment is cool. Sure once you've gotten to know the said female member and they're ok with tomfoolery, fine. but a lot girls probably aren't. Now don't give me crap about "if they can't take it, they should leave". Some can, some can't. Some can eventually. But there are really cool gamer girls on both sides of those camps, and DTOID probably scares off the later half with shit like this:

(screen cap of a comment that says "TITS or GTFO")

seriously. remember that post that was made the other day about 39% of gamers being WOMEN? did anyone ask "why can we count the active well known female community members on 2 hands". Let's face it. Just about every regular (key word regular) female member is made of a lot of win. Probably because they're a lot more mature and have dealt with a lot more bullshit then your average male gamer. Now wouldn't it be great if we didn't scare away more win? Let people atleast get comfortable before you start the nonsense. Unless they're attentionwhores. Then for the love of all that is good, please just ignore them.

I love joking around. I love tomfoolery, camaraderie, and all that other bullshit. But I think respect for other people is more important above all of that.

Final Rant of the Day (the permanent fail list)
You maybe wondering why I haven't added the inciter of Rant #2 (and 3 for that matter, just look at some of the ridiculous comments in the 103 comment post) to the permanent fail list. (like michiwhateverthefuckhisnamewasyosublah). Believe me, she's borderline there, but I don't wanna put people on that list so easily. The only reason michiwhateverhisname made it to that list was his "i will keep on making new accounts until you fuckers respect me" comment. And quite honestly, if you guys actually stop feeding the troll the 2 most likely outcomes are:

1. she goes away.
2. she stops failing and stops being an attention whore, and eventually becomes respectable.
then we can all look back on this and laugh.

There are several dtoid members that actually fit in the #2 believe it or not. as long as I still think #2 is possible, I won't put them on the permafail list. As the recaps are actually a pretty powerful means of communicating with you DTOIDers, it shouldn't be abused.
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