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Cblogs of 03.02.08

With Topher going off about how great Trigger Heart Exelica is, I decided to download it for my xbox today. I was instantly reminded why I hate schmups:

schmups hate colorblind people.


OH YEAH! (almost forgot)
Sequential Photo Contest:

I purposely left out 2 important points of info on the contest.

1) There will be a male and female winner. Since they're was only one female entry, so I didn't even need to add up any points. (Grats Rio)

Male Winner: Conrad Zimmerman

This was down to the other 5 entries. EDK, Electrolemon, Shipero, Conrad, and Genacon.
They were pretty balanced point wise in all categories except one: The Epic Effort Category. This category was basically bonus points for going through ALOT of trouble to do this, people who actually left the comfort of they're own home to shoot some cool photos. The two guys that got points in this category were Conrad and EDK. In the end, Conrad had the most points.

2) The other point I left out is refers to what I call my paint list. This is basically a big idea list of shit to paint when I don't have anything to work on. I eventually get to 90% of it within a year of putting anything on there, so anything on that paint list will probably get painted at some point (workman you're at the top of that list). So the bonus point I left out is that everyone who entered but didn't win are going on that paint list, which means sometime in the next year, Shipero, Genacon, EDK, and Electrolemon will get a painting of them provided they stay involved with the DTOID community.

Anyway, I plan to work on Rio's as soon as I'm done with my current project (late march), and Conrad's immediately after (probably beginning of April). So watch you PM boxes because I might need mugshots for reference.

And of course, dtoid community, expect these to be pretty epic. I spent maybe 10-20 hours on Hamza's and Colette's paintings. I expect to spend no less then 50 hours on each of these paintings (I already have the basic compositions in my head).

let'see...what else is new...
I'm playing Lost Odyssey right now. I have several picks with the game, but all in the all I'm enjoying it alot. Much much more then I thought I would be. On a side note though, the game is really freaking easy so far. I keep hearing it's supposed to be really hard, when does that start happening? Disc 3 or something? I just breezed through disc 1 with very little effort. I can see how the game may be hard if people aren't constantly changing their rings though, but if you change the ring you're wearing per enemy that your fighting, it's uber easy (albiet annoying having to change your rings all the freaking time). From what I've read about people saying the game is hard, they put too much stock on formation and don't think about the ring equipment enough (you can change your equipment in battle without losing a turn). Of course, I got 3 more discs to go through so the game could get magically hard still.

Here's your recap:

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- DM Spinal Tap
- Racism, Games, and You

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- Podcastle Contest. No you can't win Athiestium's Panties.
- BOTB coming to an End
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Destructoid Cancoon
- Dtoid Music Video Preview

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- Necros got molested.

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Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Online Gaming

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- MGS4 is to Bluray as Bull cock is to Human Condom?
- DeadRush Cancelled
- R+18 Rating in Australia

- That's what you get buying an overpriced piece of shit. letter to steve jobs

All Other
- Sonic and Independent Developers
- Somebody feel asleep at the disc factory.
- Phoenix Wright Cosplay

- Twinklestar Sprites. I find it strange you talking about masturbating in the same thread.
- smash
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- Topher is hungry
- Sonic has some advice
- Where in the world is Osama Bin Ladin

Not Missing Much
- some wallmounted robot things
- nope. no content here.
- not a very interesting story
- kwaselow likes to blow
- original xbox is easy to mod. thank you captain obvious.
- zombie game
- Velt lives in Uraguay
- cockituine. I have no idea what this is about.

Maybe Fail?
- I'm just gonna fail these from now on.
- I don't actually know what 4chan is, but you should probably get your ass back there.
- failing. twice. in the same day. on the same god damn topic.
- i think failing 3 times in one day is a new record
- what anus said (comment #1)
- this makes the top ten list of most fail intros ever.
- another fail

- #1

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