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Cblogs of 02.29.08

sorry for being so late with this one. I was playing video games...cause you know. I actually play some god damn games every once in awhile...cut me some sla... hey wait, what am I apologizing for?

Anyway, today, I called my buddy now ex buddy that I lent all my 360 games to when I had an epic tragedy with my old xbox. 12 games. if they were all new, that would be 720 bucks. Probably could replace them for 300. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID REPLACE.

What did the little peckerwood do?

"Why Ceark, did he trade them in?"

no... worse.

"Why Ceark, did he sell them for drug money?"

no... worse.

"Why Ceark, did he lose them or fuck up the discs?"

no... worse.

"Why Ceark, did he give him to some broad that was only using him in pathetic attempt to get some but not only failed at scoring but failed in life and friendship by being an epic asshole and giving away valued possessions entrusted to him by someone else?"

wow, you guys are smart! that's exactly what happened.

ok enough ranting.

new feature: contest rules will stay on the recaps until they expire.

Also, on the SEQ photo contest, The judging is gonna be point based. I will award points based on a number of criteria and select the winner. Also, deadline extended till Monday morning. I will dock 1 point per day from this point on though, for a late entry (I believe one or two people still had entries, so if it's epic you still have a chance)

As I mentioned before, I'm working on a rather time consuming personal art project. This will be share with you guys when it's done, so that's why there's no art from me recently.

I've also been planning ahead for a series of articles I'm going to write, which Hamza graciously said he would proof read for me (and maybe Colette) because I suck at writing. This series will be titled "The Art of the Game" and will be an in depth look at every step of the process of Game/Film development from the artistic side, covering alot of terminology that you guys might not know but may have heard of, the commercially available software that's used (obviously i'm not gonna post shit about proprietary stuff), and generally just helping to educate the community into what really goes into a game (from the art side, I don't know a whole lot about the programming/management/PR side). The articles will cover the following: Asset Creation (Modeling), UVs, Surfacing, Shaders, Rigging, Key Frame Animation, Mocap Animation, Lighting, Matte Painting, FX, Rendering, Compositing, Concept, Gameplay Design, Level Design/Layout, UI Design, and a few other articles as well.

so somehow while I was editting this, I deleted like the lower 1/3 of my links. fortunately, we all know reaprar's internet is really fast so he helped me figure out which ones I deleted.
just a side note, I may have missed a few today because of this whole debacle. so if you think I'm missing something let me know.

Here's your recap:

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Atheistium posts a good rant.
- Pick 'o' the day for you jack.
- Pick 'o' the day for you too sadie g.
- Once again, only because I was entertained Surf.
- Bhive explains wi-fi. pretty informative
- Jack's Kid (hope it was on purpose!)
- An intro with a writeup? What? I think we have may have a keeper here.

Community Series
- Things that Kill Gamers (Neonie)
- The Great Ones. (Tenro)
- Casting Call (Big Popa Gamer)
- Ready to Friday (Topher)
- Rockband DLC
- God Awful Game Intros (Rorschach)
- @ Amazon (Butmac)
- 10 things I learned (aborto the fetus)
- Ura's Serious Business (Urashima)

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Platforming (HarrasmentPanda).
- Daily Content (Qalamari)

- Retro Gaming Contest (Ends 3.2)
- Tragic Hero Contest (Ends 3.7)
- Prove You Bought NMH (Ends 3.7)
- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
- that smash contest (needs to hurry up and end)
- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

- Sequential Photo: Shipero
- Sequential Photo: Conrad
- Battle of the Rock Bands
- Tragic Hero: Ryu
- Tragic Hero; Aerith C'mon dude, that's way too easy.
- Tragic Hero: The boss
- RedRose : Toejam and Earl
- Retro Gaming: Flashback

Destructoid Cancoon
- someone explain to me who clown shoes is.
- Not surprising us by telling us your gonna surprise us.

- Luc Gives us some Eternity's Child Updates
- Fred doesn't have a morph ball! HAHAHAHAHA!
- Topher likes to wear black.
- MrJunko returns with art

- GTA4 Burger Shirt
- Portal Legos?

Gamer Stories
- Sucks to be you.

Game Notes
- Lost Odyssey
- Portal
- Innocent Life

- Michigan NARP

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Survey for Kinjiro who is writing a paper For Rhetoric II.
- Mac and Cheese People
- GTA4 vs MGS4
- what notdryad said
- what are you playing this weekend. pointless post for the sake of posting.
- see? nothing wrong with being a console preferer. hater'z get nowhere.

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- EU release stuff
- COD4 Patch
- N-Gage
- Brawl for 10$ Deal
- Tecmo Bowl

Destructoid in the Wild
- Destructoid Phone Theme, now with working link.

- TF2
- Snaileb
- Yojimbo

- Mine just RROD'd too. Just kidding, I've only had it 2 days, that would be pathetic. ... *knocks on wood* sorry to hear it dude.

All Other
- Jug's Birthday
- Scary Womanizing Pig Mask's Birthday.
- Guiness Gamer Edition
- what ZeroTolo Said
- capcom does alot of porting
- Sterling buys a PSP
- snaileb's gear
- what zerotolo said
- dark night viral ads
- defend your castle
- harrasment panda's gear
- horrible drink ideas
- guiness records, video games
- brawl related

oh fuck....I accidentally deleted my list. great -_-

oh, reaprar just saved me a shit load of time:

- lulz. mildly nsfw
- sf4
- wilson's gear
- pikachu taped to electric thingy
- dancing op
- peggle
- chris knife rune part 5
- patapon review
- crisis core
- ron workman will probably get it on with olivia munn at some point
- lemon
- tri-ace
- dune
- new iron man trailer. also, i want to touch gwyneth paltrow's lovely lips.

- from charlie
- from dyslixec
- from topher

- bloggerslim

Not Missing Much
- what snaileb said
- i don't know
- real shitty deal
- ea has a heart. maybe
- geoff is jealous
- i don't get it
- what riser glen said
- sucks to be you
- sucks to be you
- some random gibberish
- scotty buys nmh instead of brawl
- only dyson's is magical
- I don't know. hockey or something

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4 what reaprar said

- #1
- #2. Also fail. Also you will go blind, so don't click.

Same Video in one Day X
- #1
- #2
- #3

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