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Cblogs of 02.28.08

Because I've kinda let ya'll down on my random thought's of the day for the last few days, extra long rant today. after the recap.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Asian Films to Watch
- Surf will get you Poon with his new ninja corporation
- Yojimbo wins alot.
- workman is a drunken irishman
- What Okami DS might look like
- Really Funny: Failcast 3

Community Articles
- Kung Fu Flix for Noobs (Choujuu)
- Dvd is gonna cook me some dinner (DVDDesign)
- Nintendo's Online Wins (Yojimbo)

Community Series
- VGM Analysis (Scary Womanizing Pig Mask)
- Europe VC Roundup
- Things that kill gamers (Neonie)

- Entry #4
- why am I linking this everyday. will it ever end?

Destructoid Cancoon
- I think this is the first decent entry: blehman wins academy award. says thank yous. puts julia roberts to shame.
- ...? (NSFW)

- Epic Chun Li Thighs
- Open Source FTW

- Portal TShirt
- Black Mage Key Chains
- mgs 4 / gt5 bundle

Game Notes
- Lost Odyssey
- Animal Crossing.
- Portal
- kid icarus
- Lost Via Domus
- Rune Factory
- I think this is about a game. maybe

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Female Gamers
- wedding gifts
- it's true, asians are awesome *glare*
- voice chate in MKWii
- not the best worded explanation, but it's interesting. Procedural generation.
- vg movies
- pay to play
- how much have you spent on games?
- gamevideos vs gametrailers

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- australia game laws
- california game laws
- killzone
- GTA4 hands on
- HotD
- sucks to be a european gamer.
- goldeneye canceled
- wii region free loader]
- wii region free loader (another post)
- Demigod
- that customized art xbox that got erased and whatnot.
- TF2 Update

Destructoid in the Wild
- Dtoid Sony Ericsson Theme

- Master Chief wants to bang Samus.

- RIP, The Pit on Halo.

All Other
- more smash
- I thought butmac did these. Naruto @ Amazon
- gamers guiness
- DVD has alot of gear
- prince
- moar prince
- choujuu is behind the times.
- Make friends with JT
- wait. if these are you picks, why would you call them "nominees?" shouldn't you just pick one? otherwise it's not really the drMario1337 Game of the Month Award, is it?
- The Wire as an MMO
- Retro Sabotage
- Jupis
- Spider Pig is gone forever.
- Lizardman Shots in SC4
- Xbox looks better on Sony.
- something about nintendo fanboys

- psp rez clone
- COD4 on conan
- do we really need 18 bajillion more brawl videos? just go play the god damn game when it comes out.
- I was distracted by boobs so I don't know what this is
- jimmy kimmel gentally prods ben afleck with his cock
- Throat Singing Praises of Dtoid. This is pretty funny.
- I don't know who kimbo slice is.
- wrestling or something.
- Quake on Android
- Shiren the Wanderer
- SH V
- Star Wars 4 according to 3 year old
- FUNNY AS HELL EVEN IF IT'S OLD: You don't know shit about Snorlax yo.
- homie rollerz
- cats or whatever
- no doubt in GH3
- those parents should be shot. this is seriously heartbreaking.

Not Missing Much
- ...I need to teach people how to do proper stream of conscienceness writing.
- this will give you nightmares. don't click this link. I warned you.
- I don't know what this is about
- yeah I dunno what this is about either.
- it's a game man. chill out and have fun.
- I don't know what this is about.
- ramblings
- rick astley. I actually don't understand this whole rick thing.
- FailDogs
- I don't know.
- another songs I want in rock band list.
- nothing to see here. move on. also nsfw
- Dexter's Comment on this blog wins Zing of the day.
- jug, I expect better from you
- seriously jugs, twice in a row? GO TO YOUR ROOM! NO DINNER FOR YOU!

Maybe Fail?
- Definately Fail #1
- #2
- #3
- #4 i'll take ron's word for it.
- #5 bitching and moaning. also who the fuck friends themselves?

- #1
- #2...I think
- #3 on the same day? seriously?


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Story 1.

I bought some persona 3 figures. Mitsuru I got at Wondercon, but what I really wanted was Aegis (cause you know, I'd cuddle with her cold metal body anyday). Unfortunately, Aegis was no where to be found at the con so I ordered it off Amazon. It arrive, THE NEXT FUCKING DAY. how cool is that? Yeah, be jealous of my awesome figurines punks.

Story 2.

I got my bonus check today. Now, a vast majority of it is going toward paying bills/car insurance/rent/saving for a downpayment on a tiny ass expensive LA condo. I said to myself however (just like this) "You know what? I work my ass off. I deserve to treat myself to something nice." So I bought an XBOX 360.

ok, so before I go on my long short story here, lemme just say to my PS3 buddies that I ain't betrayin' ya. Any multiplatform games that come out that I want to get I will always choose PS3 over the Xbox. cause y'know, the xbox stabbed me in the back way back when. but that's a story for another time.

So I really wanted an xbox to play some exclusives, such as mass effect and lost odyssey, and try out this XNA jazz that workman has been talkin' about. So today, I dropped 550 bucks on LO, ME, XBOXPRO, and a year of live. Funny thing. Whenever I buy games and shit, I always get this good confident feeling. It's really hard to describe. I got the good feeling as I was purchasing the GAMES. However, this is first time I felt full of doubt as I bought the console. How weird is that? I just hope this one doesn't die on me too. My heart can't handle being broken by the same lady twice.

Also, I forgot that the wireless isn't built in. so more ghetto artist tape to the wall to run a damn cable to my modem.

Thought 1.
So some people think I'm abit of a sony fanboy and that I hate xbox. I'm not. I don't really hate the xbox, I just feel betrayed by it still. Also, I wouldn't be buying another xbox if I was a fanboy. Infact, lemme explain what I think is the cause of #1 cause fanboyism:

Being a broke ass kid. Think about it. If you can't afford to own all the consoles, it's human nature to justify what you do own so you don't feel like a left out. But in all honesty, if you got up to a majority of fanboys and offer them a free console that's not of they're brand, you better bet they'd probably take it.

No, I'd like to introduce a maybe new term: Console Preference. One of you smart fucking writers with a big vocabulary come up with something better please. I think of myself as a PS3 Prefer-er. I have no qualms about buying a wii or xbox (well, 'cept for the fear and doubt from rrod) and buying the awesome games that are on those respective consoles. I just prefer the PS3, which means the ps3 is tailored to me as a gamer better then the other 2. It's simple personal preference.

Plug 1.
my gamertag is ceark. same as my psn id.

Thought 2.
Lost Odyssey is pretty fucking epic. It's far from perfect, but so far, it's a satisfying experience and it's nice to have a decent next gen rpg. I'll post a game notes similar to my Uncharted Game notes when I'm done with the game.

And yeah. The packaging sucks. I'd say fuck you Europeans on having an actual 4 disc holding case, but you guys get shafted in every other aspect.

Thought 3.
Man. That artist tape on my wall is really ugly.

Story 3.
True story. Tactix is now rooming with us at PAX. The last spot will probably go on a coin flip (depending on if Guitar can get snaileb to go or not).

Thought 4.
Can't wait my tax return comes in. I'll probably get a wii so I can' play... well fuck I don't know. I'm too colorblind for most of Nintendo's games. Smash is the equivalent of having my eyes fucked by a rhino.

Thought 5.
The backside of the girl character in LO (forgot her weird ass name already) is fucking hot. I sent a screen cap to my girl and she was like "man, I wanna run my fingers up those shoulderblades".

Question 1.
Do I need to register my Xbox or anything? or that done automatically when you sign up for live? I don't remember any of this crap. Also, RROD is now covered 3 years automatically right? I sure as hell don't want to drop another 60 bucks for that extended coverage crap. This shits expensive. They just make it look cheaper by hiding a bunch of extra costs.

alright. I'm done for the day.
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