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Cblogs of 02.27.08

no rant for you. I'm too busy. although only a few of you actually read my rants anyway.

actually I did want to point out one thing has a CYA. Some of you may have noticed that
that list of toiders ===> over to the side there has gone down by half the side. I used to use that to keep track of peoples blogs that I like to read. However, since I ready every blog anyway that kind negates the point so it was getting kinda of cumbersome in size. so if you were on there and now your not, I'm not trying to be a dick or anything. I decided i would just leave people i've met in person, people I play online with, and artists on there for now. I feel like kinda a dick for even mentioning it -_-, but I thought it would be important since I do these recaps that people don't think I suddenly dislike a whole bunch of people. Just about every Dtoider is badass and these recaps will continue to have minimal bias to them (except for artsy shit, since I'm a sucker for that).

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Rio opens her Etsy Store
- This made me spit soda all over keyboard.
- GuitarAtomik's Birthday
- Rio! I'm gonna put a BABY in you! How's that for fucking romance?
- Genre Analysis of FPS
- Luc wants to know what character you prefer
- New Character in Eternity's Child
- DToiders in the Industry: VG gets a job.

Community Articles
- luc bernard
- Game Engines
- PCEngine and 3D0
- "What Smash Can Teach us About Making Multiplayer Games Awesome"
- History of Playstation Controllers

Destructoid Cancoon
- fake business card

- Mega Model Mania
- genki jam is making an album.
- Dtoid Game (tower defense)
- Dtoid Game Ideas
- doodles on science homework

Gamer Stories
- Tactix
- EDS has a heart of gold and tears of ...I don't know where I'm going with this. nvm.

Game Notes
- Quick Reviews of Instant Action
- Rez
- schmups
- Kings Quest
- desktop tower defense
- Trigger Heart Exelica

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- is bigger better?
- days when lucasarts ruled pc gaming.
- memorable game music
- nitpicking on cross platform
- Dtoid and the Workplace

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- MGS4 Cover Art
- Trigger Heart Exelica Achievements
- UK Game Political News
- upcoming pal psn classics
- bc in mgs4 bundle
- broken street dates on brawl
- disgaea 3 coming in august
- Uncharted + Home
- Warhawk + Home
- The Agency + Home

Lists and Whatnot
- Top 10 Console Specs
- Top 10 Controllers
- Brawl
- smash update

Destructoid in the Wild
- Mr. Destructoid in Advance Wars

- WNWarhawks

All Other
- Kane and Lynch @ Amazon Today.
- Blu Ray Releases
- ffcc rings of fate to expensive.
- DJduffy's gaming rig.
- really shitty sims 2 add on
- Mario Bar
- Grid 16. I'm not sure I appreciated the censoring but I guess it's necessary.
- Pixel by Pixel Radio Show

- Pole Position ad
- Game Videos
- Pax Game Videos
- Patapon today!
- new york rangers playing rockband
- Pro Wrestling from nes era
- Yahtzee does uncharted
- reallife sentry
- RE Knife Run Part 4
- I have no idea what the fuck I just watched.
- Half Life Full Life Consequenced 2
- bunch of valve video
- self shadowing on BIG ROUND JUICY TITS.
- Halo 3 Female Gender

- CarnivorousJoe.

Not Missing Much
- Trigun gets a film
- Help skribble choose a ps3 game.
- Jason Ocampo to leave Gamespot
- happyhead gets his 360 back.
- ramblings
- Go play dishwasher.
- link about re0
- gameboi gets a ps3
- DryvBy has friends.
- pay to play
- the wii is a chick magnet
- coonskin gets his xbox back
- link dump
- athiestium would eat one of these. nsfw
- you need to write more.
- unfinished games or something
- pierce is going to pax
- simcity4
- fanboys will defend bad decisions too.

- Still not doing to well, are ya buddy?

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5


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