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Cblogs of 02.26.08

no rant today.

oh, it turns out GuitarAtomik is rooming with me at PAX. since I got my hotel (Mariotte SpringHill Suites, 200+$ a night) for free on my reward points, anyone else who stays with me can stay for free too. Theres a king size bed and a sofa bed, maybe a kitchen (not sure on the kitchen). I got two spots left (or maybe only one). Let me know if anyone is interested. No idiots, trolls, or kids.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Topher keeps it real for ya'll
- Don't do whatever this guy did. I'm not happy when Destructoid is down.
- Room 360 Update
- I see what you did there
- Yojimbo. Always. Does. It. Right.

Community Podcasts
- Gamersledge Ep. 58
- Failcast Recording Tonight

Community Articles
- How to build Personal Hype
- why destructoid will never sell out.

Community Series
- Forgotten Dreamgames. (Shin Oni)

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Videogame Monopolies (surf314)

- SEQ Photo Contest. 3 days left. I swear I'm gonna make the next contest something that doesn't involve moving. Cause apparently gamers hate moving.
- Audiosurf Contests
- I still don't know what this smash update contest is about. WHEN WILL IT END?!?

Coonskin's Retro Contest
- Contest Rules
- Suikoden II
- Shadowrun

Destructoid Cancoon
- Ron is gonna shit in a box and mail it to you. Then your gonna eat it.
- ...?
- ...?
- ...?

- This is kinda funny. I'm not sure what to think of this.
- DToid Game Vote

- Mario Bar
- MGS4 Bundle
- SNK manual from along ass time ago.

- nademagnet will buy you a drink
- Great Lakes NARP

Gamer Stories
- lumberjack rocks finishes some game. not the most interesting story though.

Game Notes
- 3D Fighters
- Lost
- Lost Odyssey
- The Club
- Bushido Blade
- 2D Fighters
- Lost Vikings
- Viewtiful Joe
- Audiosurf
- Reaxxion

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- in defense of video game movies
- game movies
- "There Will Be Blood"
- What to do with to many games to play
- What happened to Tristero?
- what can the VC/Wii interface do better?

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Wii Fit Blockbuster Exclusive?
- Seriously hope this is true, because the current interface for PSN sucks balls.
- MGS Online Beta
- Live Subscription discount
- Future of Gaming Article
- Capcom VS Dawn of the Dead 2
- Dualshock Dated
- Rockband EU Next Month?
- MGS4 Release Date
- Haze Release Date
- Spies in WoW : Gaming Fact or Political Troll?
- VC Pick 2/26
- moar smash
- warhawk patch 1.3
- namco x capcom FUCK YEAH!
- NMH delayed in EU. no surprise
- Yoshinori Ono on SF4

- TF Tuesdays
- PS3 TF Tuesdays

- drowning in seagate...yeah that was lame.

All Other
- Will Arnett Discusses His Love of CoD 4 On Conan. Video Removed.
- Orange Box Bargain
- DBZ Movie
- athiestium attends RSV2. Dresses up in SWAT like gear. looks like she could pick me up and break my back over her knee. and look how while she's at it. another epic comment for you.
- Phil Harrison makes an awkward analogy.
- manhunt2 should stay banned in UK
- Epic Analogy
- dishwasher
- WIN: Steel Squirrel Loves Destructoid.
- gaming setup pictures. you know there's a forum thread for this.
- Topher know voodoo/hoodoo/some scary magic shit that will fuck you up. so don't mess with topher.
- Stuff White People Like. Funny Shit.
- Sylvia Plath all up in your Gamer Ads

- Cloverfield Game
- Patapon Dev Q&A
- arcana heart 2
- Deadspace coming out 0ct 31
- Video Games is one word.

Not Missing Much
- lolcats
- atleast you know there's nothing worthwhile here.
- Onyx is Jim Sterling?
- games that xarinrex didn't beat.
- nothing here.
- yeah. nothing to see here. move along.
- Almost thought this was an FNF. This doesn't seem very new or original. lemme know if you disagree.
- rockband guitars
- xeroxm3 buys a ps3
- What Roryzilla is doing this week.
- Nothing relevant here

Maybe Fail?
- gtfo
- What? Is this written in english?
- wow. I feel so enlightened. really. that was so informative.
- no one cares. really.

- Day in a Life of a Portal. Still Funny Though.
- Sorta old, but awesome Megaman Soundtrack Remix MV.
- social networking sites as people.


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