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Cblogs of 02.25.08

Nothing really failed today.

I played some Harvest Moon Innocent Life today. I loved rune factory, and thought I'd give the sci fi version HM a spin. My impression? It sucks alot.

Ceark's Picks of the Day
- Dolphin Hat. Chad Proposes.
- room360
- Tiff Does a Recap
- Azeraki loves Camera Phones too.
- I don't care if Aegis is a robot. She owns my <3
- That's Right. I'm plugging my own post. Because it's a good one. STFU.
- Friends are Scum Sucking Game Leeches
- TopGear on the NARP

Community Series
- Get To Know Your Rockband DLC (butmac)

- Michigan LARP. Wait, WTF is a LARP?

- Agent Moo Game
- Media Monday

Game Notes
- Audiosurf
- Audiosurf
- Audiosurf
- Breakquest
- DW6
- Penumbra
- Lost Odyssey (Spoilers)
- Blue Dragon
- The Club
- Apollo Justice
- Layton
- Patapon

Coonskin's Retro Gaming Contest
- Contest Rules
- Original Warhawk
- Wild Guns
- Sonic 3
- Megaman X4

- Smash Contest Update. Does this ever end?

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Why Reinvent Zelda?
- 60 bucks?
- Streaming Audio/Video in Games
- Why are there so many ignorant morons?

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Level Sharing in N+
- Nintendo hates Europeans
- Glupod???
- Wii Channel
- Motorstorm 2
- Puzzle Quest Galactrix
- Australia pulls stick out of butt.
- Champions Online
- Topspin 3
- Wiisus. I like that.
- Goldeneye not coming to xbox

Destructoid in the Wild
- Mr. D in Drawn to Life

- Cheapy D's baby ain't happy about it.
- zombie 360.

All Other
- The Dishwasher
- NTSC Hates Europe.
- Big Big Battles
- Stage6
- Jim posts some videos for us.
- Britini Martini is apparently part of the DToid army.
- Cowzilla NARP. Oh, it's his birthday, I guess it's not a NARP.
- More Cowzilla NARP. I'm gonna call is narp anyway, because narp is easier to type then BIRTH DAY PARTY.
- I'm actually confused as to what this is about.
- Neo Nazis
- moar smash

- Pirates vs Ninjas
- Some video. Apparently NVGR / NSFW.
- Some 8 year old kids leads police on car chase
- Bunch of VG Videos
- NES ninja gaiden mv
- Wii at the Oscars
- lulz videos Slightly NSFW
- GT's most anticipated Games of 2008
- Starwars and kittens
- This is like, one of those system loop protocols that crashes a super computer. The protocol being this post, the supercomputer being my brain cause I don't know how to caption this. QUITE NSFW
- Smash

- Daddygerplex
- SoopaFly TNT

Not Missing Much
- Atlas ponders game ads on DTOID. Apparently we're ok as long as no one is giving Aaron BJs.
- who r u?
- blue and black controller
- can't decided what to buy.
- Stranglehold
- p3


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