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Cblogs of 02.21.08

So a couple of things. Many of you may have noticed that without Hamza, the quality of cblogs has quickly declined. The good posts are still there, but there are far more shitty ones. Why? Because we really need Hamza. He's a tiger shark. He does his job freakin' well. And only when he's gone on journalistic endeavors do we realize how freakin' much we need him.

Anyway, I'm gonna start being harsher with these recaps. I started a section that isn't quiet fail, called "you're not missing anything". Also, I'm failing a lot more blogs. I'm slowly starting to realize that doing these recaps doesn't just entail categorizing shit, but it's sorting out crap so you don't have to.

What's you guys take on this? Should I continue down this route? or go back to being nearly neutral?

Ceark's Picks of the Day
Updates - Hamza is a nice guy, gives lots of free shit to Topher. Also comeback, we need you.
Events - DToidLosAngeles is live
Podcast - Failcast Episode 2.1
Podcast - Gamersledge 57
Arts - Tomopup Hat (Rio)
RIP - Rorschach
Videos - How To Behave on An Internet Forum

Community Articles
- Final Fantasy Battle Systems.
- Exploring Great Game Design (Mega Man)
- Keeping Games in a Grown Up House

Community Series
- Games that Everyone Forgot (CannibalCalvin)

- Down Right Fierce Contest Winners
- GT5 Coupon. (guess a number) Samit Sarkar is easier to type.
- EDS Payday
- Smash Update Contest. I'll be honest, I have no idea what this contest is.

- Mega Model Thursday

- Deathstroke
- R2D2 Beanie.
- 2 Face Toy

- DToid Narp NY
- DToid SF Narp. Hamza owes me beer so I'm going.

Game Notes
- Fallout 3
- Megaman Legends
- Super Stardust HD
- Burnout Paradise
- The Battle of (Some Castle in Scotland)
- Denki Blocks
-Apollo Justice
- Phun
- XNA Demos
- The Crowd.

Gamer Stories
- Closet Gamer Girlfriend
- PMS Sucks

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- why are some old classics left behind?
- Worst Controllers of All Time
- DToid PC Alliance
- Can you justify buying a console for a must have game?
- Old School Consoles
- Emulation

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Portal 2 announced
- Mario Kart Wii
- Metal Gear Online
- Still Alive coming to Rockband
- Ghost Town, New Halo 3 Map Revealed
- New Phoenix Wright Game Announced
- Rumor: Witcher coming to ps3/360?
- PSN Store Update
- Champions Online
- Rumorsmash: Goldeneye
- Some Xbox Stuff
- Upcoming Game Screencap Update

- EU (Anus McPhanus)
- Snaileb

All Other
- Presidential Candidates and Gaming
- Half a Top 10 List of Video Game Villians.
- Lost
- Akira Live Action Movie
- A Dolphin Flash Game (just a link really)

Mr. NSQ, Nintendo Franchises, Etc.
- Wants to take down the Florida Bar now. Is his brain regressing?
- Smash

- Boom Blox will feature Head Tracking
- Bionic Commando Footage
- New GT4 Videos
- Old video of the Chrono Trigger Remake Project
- Old European Gamecube ad. Pretty Cool.

- Screenname sounds like a drug.

Not Quite Fail, but you're not missing out on anything if you skip the following.
- Songs that DJCheetos should be in Rockband
- Upgrayyedd apologizes for his prior fail.
- random shit.
- latenightlulz
- milescosmo likes uncharted
- Rider Chop is playing Lunar
- portal 2
- killer instinct 3
- Castle Crashes gets pushed back
- IGN Pulls a Gerstmann
- Video is Broken. Maybe if you posted some content, this would be worth people's time without the video.
- Fes
- Devs hate UK

Maybe Fail? No. Definately Fail.
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5
- #6
- #7
- #8
- #9, but I'll forgive this one. It's bahamut after all.
- #10

You're God Damn Slow
- #1
- #2


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CBLOGS of 02.20.08
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