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Cblogs of 02.19.08

So I was reading Bigpopagamer's post today, because he usually makes pretty damn good posts. problem is, he, and a few other community members, make it hard for some people to read there awesomesauce at work. Never fear DToid, I present an easy solution:

yeah, I know. I'm a FUCKING GENIUS. You're Very Welcome.

seriously though. It's a good post that, while not necessarily the most agreeable but a semi valid generalization to the masses, ends on a really intelligent note of why we should be grateful of gamer girls- the ones in our lives (well for those of us lucky enough, sorry if you some of you folks aren't) and the ones in the dtoid community (colette, .tiff, atheistium, ShadotKatRegn, Phoenix, Rio, Sadie, VG, I'm probably forgetting some). Read it under Community Articles

anyway. lot of really good shit and really bad shit today.

Community Articles
- Long Title is Long, Justice Scalia
- Bigpopagamer makes some theories

Community Series
- Worst Character Ever (NihonTiger90)

- Reaprar won som MS points from EDS
- Smash Update Contest

- AWESOMESAUCE: Destructoid Skateboard
- AWESOMESAUCEFROMAWESOMEVILLE: .tiff gets some autographed art ON A NAPKIN. lucky gal.
- Luc keepin' us posted.
- Jackofnotrades is gonna have a good job oneday. SRSLY, the dude works his ass off and improves steadily.

- Homemade Mario Ottomans
- Europeans get better packaging. Maybe that's the real reason why games are released a year later there.

Game Notes
- Frontline Fues of War
- Culcept Saga
- bioshock
- DMC 4
- Lost Odyssey
- Rygar
- dead head fred

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Chad Toys with our Emotions.
- An achievement whore as a question for us.
- Forced Install

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Mark Rein kindly lets Gamepro know that no one reads print publications anymore.
- VC
- BUGBase
- Gamespot looking for new reviews editor.
- L4DEAD xbox exclusive
- Netflix on XBL?
- LBP to feature Lip Sync Voice Chat
- Atari is a terrorist organization now.
- N+ coming tomorrow
- Dream, Build, Play
- power-glove knows BBCode. Quake Live

Destructoid in the Wild
- AWESOMESAUCE: Suffocatingsight is made of win at WWE

- TF Tuesdays
- Moar TF Tuesday

Audiosurf, Upcoming Nintendo Franchises, Fanboyism, HDDVD, Mr. Non Sequitur, etc.
- Audiosurf
- Brawl
- Brawl
- Fanboy
- Mario Kart
hd dvd
- AWESOMESAUCE: Yojimbo is funny shit.
- AWESOMESAUCE: Sterling is funny shit (duh!)
- a eulogy
- canada
- moar
- moar 2
- some people post on the same popular topic despite the fact that other people do it better
mr non sequitur
- Videogame Cause Aids
- Mr NSq + Lip Syncing Sacs
- Surf likes cats.
- Fails, but the article link is good.
- weaksauce
- another GIBI of Mr NSq

- The Phoenix Rises up from the Ashes...not so much. New XBOX.

All Other
- Excremento's wife is gonna excrete a baby.
- Michigan NARP
- Sadie will kick you ass. Srsly. Don't fuck her. I'm a gonna stay on her good side. Also Mr. Sadistic punched Shipero in the face.
- Toneman gets a gaming Job
- Stevephoenix is having some hardluck.

- Oh kids say the darndest things (GDI, daedhead used my title for his comment. wanker)
- milescoscmo gets a ps3. i better see you on FNF soon.
- fidel castro
- xbox typos
- CUTE: vader pug, yoda pug, and I don't know what the fuck that last one is supposed to be. lindsey lohan?
- apparently top 10 isn't cool anymore. now it's top 15
- if you savor your vision, don't want to go blind, or you love megatron, don't click here.
- Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
- a top 5 failing off a top 10 something list
- EDS got his tax return
- El Guapo buys a psp
- a Deportation Game
- Art of Computer Game Design Book
- milescosmo is australian
- 3mil record ebay auction
- another ebay auction or something,
- some....where...over the rainbow...someone cares about dryvby....
- Layton

- Angry VG Nerd vs Virtualboy
- FEZ + funny shoop of girl that will make you go blind
- Wiikami
- Lemon Tribute
- scissors R sharp
- Reaprar must be on an OC768. His internetz is fast.
- Prototype
- rickrolling.
- whacked
- thanks for the slightly NSFW label, saves me a few braincells. Conan.
- two new Pixeljunk Games
- Dtoid Wiki page and then some random videos.
- wrestling or something
- i didn't watch these. u tell me.

- Roryzilla

U R Slow
- Slow at posting week old front page news.

Maybe Fail?
- Xabora needs to learn from Power Glove
- NVGR RATHER NSFW. Atleast there are sexy ladies so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
- ...? c'mon man, not speaking good english doesn't mean you post one sentence
- how do people keep failing this bad? are they abused children that have had the brains knocked out of them?
- please don't make me load a page to see one sentence.


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