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Cblogs of 02.18.08

didn't have to work today because of president's day. I spent some time painting, and the rest of my time today playing DS.

Contra 4 is fucking hard. Fuck.
Put another 5 hours into Rune Factory (I've already dropped 150 hours in that game). I looked up some news on Rune Factory 2, really excited about it but it will take forever to release here won't it?

Speaking of DS games...I looked up some DS games japan gets that we'll never probably see here. They get SHIT TONS of awesome games coming out all the time, while we get one or two cool ones once in a blue moon. You know what I say to that? FUCK YOU JAPANESE DS GAME DEVELOPERS, STOP BEING SELFISH BASTARDS AND RELEASE THAT SHIT OVER HERE. share the love man, I wanna play those games but I don't have enough space in my brain to learn another damn language.

ok that was my rant of the day.

look forward to alot of improvements in the format of these recaps in the next couple of weeks when I get the time. As these are getting to be a regular thing, I'm constantly thinking of ways for me to do these faster as well as making the cblog browsing experience of you, dtoid member, easier and more convenient. As a lot of people have commented on how useful these are, I plan on doing these for a long time. In fact, I don't plan on quiting any point, cause I'm not a quitter

But while we're on that topic, a lot of people had commented on giving me a hand with these (which is awesome, the gesture is much appreciated). Now, on a day to day basis, I don't need any help. However, there will be times when I'm either 1) sick because I have a shitty immune system or 2) on vacation and won't have enough time/internetz to do this (IE the upcoming PAX trip in August). So for the most part, I will be the one doing this everyday, but if people want to volunteer their help, please do, and I will keep note of who I can count on when I'm unavailable. This way I can pre-plan/send a template for the days when I won't be able to do this. Thanks.

Uncategorizable due to Sheer Awesomesauceness
- oh wait, I guess that's a category

Community Articles
- Videogames are not Comics.

Community Series
- Music Monday by UMF Skibum
- Japan by dvddesign
- FF Suckoff by Blehman
- @Amazon Today by Butmac
- News in Film by snaileb

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Achievements by PrinceofCannedStrawberries

- Win a Fighting Game
- Battle of the Bands
- Moar Battle of the Bands

- Media Monday. Wish I had time for these.
- Blind Colette Sprite.
- Blanka from a new guy
- AWESOMESAUCE: Luc Shares some concept art
- Luc shares some Eternity's Child
- Mega Model Mania
- MS Paint Art

- some nintendo merch
- Hunter Plushie.
- Capcom toys. (no morrigan makes ceark a sad person)
- You're Not a Guy Poison, I refues to believe it.

Gamer Stories
- a brilliant COD4 player. wait, I left out the "not so much" in that last sentance.
- Yojimbo had testicular cancer. How Destructoid saved his family jewels.

Game Notes
- Mass Effect
- DMC 4
- This is a peripheral review. close enough.
- There all trick questions Josh. It's all about the wording.
- Kunio-kun's Soccer League
- Sins of a Solar Empire
- SF2 Turbo
- not the most interesting of posts.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- The FPSiverse
- Don't be a Quitter

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- audiosurf
- FFIV on your celphone. Cause you know, you haven't played it enough on 20 other platforms
- I fucking hope not. (I agree with bloodylip's comment)
- VC releases
- This is pretty lame
- HAZE coming in march.
- Early SEGA prototypes coming.
- Lego Batman
- MGS Mobile
- Fes coming stateside
- GOW CO gets 9.4 on IGN.
- Dynasty Warriors 6

Destructoid in the Wild
- Destructoid at WWE

Pertaining to Mr. Non Sequitur
- Who Will Defend Gamers?
- Conversations with Mr. Non Sequitur

- #1
- #2
- #3.
- #4
- #5

Console Blah. I need a better title.
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4

Smash, Mariokart, etc.
- #1
- #2

HDDVD needs to hurry up and fucking die
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5

All Other
- Stock Image Shenanigans.
- Pointing Device is almost arting again (I thought I was the only one that used that word). Wish him luck.
- The Cost of Gaming

- PC Gaming
- StinkyCheese wants to do a Download Series.
- coonskin is a hypocrit.
- what VWGTI played this past week.
- knives is addicted to audiosurf like a crackwhore is addicted to .... well crack I guess.
- Activision's Customer Service

- british people are hard to understand on COD4.
- first comment is pretty funny.
- DJMegaMatX got a 360.
- drMario1337 making another top 10 list
- some starcraft competition
- Napolean Dynamite Game
- Endstiem loves tekken.
- Cloverfield Monster
- if DanGale wants to remain 1337, we'll never here from him again...oh too late.
- suckz for you.
- some random shit
- Jet Grind Radio
- blehman apologies to his wii for neglecting it, blueballs averted.
- STFU shitty news source. No one played Marc Ecko (...well I did and that was a waste of my time).
- zoraboy likes ratatouille
- i'm confused
- nvgr for the sake of being nvgr
- Geometry Wars Retail Release?
- Redzie has some birthday money.
- '08 Gaming Events

- TF2 Cosplay
- Virtual Graffiti.
- Chun Li's Sister
- KOF12 Samurai Showdown
- old Jacky Chan SF Parody.
- GH Keychain?
- mario video
- might of been funny, broken video link
- This is pretty bad.

- zoraboy
- I want to fail you. I really do. but I'll forgive you this time.

Maybe Fail?
- c'mon man, don't just give one link and one sentence.
- one link, one sentence.
- don't evacuate. it was just a test.

You're Internetz Iz Slow
- Your Internetz is slow #1.
- Your Internetz is slow #2.


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