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Cblogs of 02.17.08

hmmm. no clever banter or commentary for you today. too busy painting.

Community Articles
- What's wrong with Japanese Developers by Necros
- Yojimbo makes a list of the most Violent Games Eva

Community Series
- Video Game Law, A History by HarrasmentPanda
- Worst Character Ever by JapanToraXC
- Confessions of a PS3 Onwer by razerangel

- Battle of the Rock Bands
- TF2 Contest

Gamer Stories
- Janmas
- TV frank doesn't like to finish games.

Game Notes
- DMC 4

- Lost Odyssey
- Quarto
- Audiosurf
- moar audiosurft

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- BlueBlaze
- why don't you play fighting games anymore
- DJ Hero

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- save the planet mmo
- red faction 3
- totally just a concept, but do want.
- DJ Hero Details

Feeding the Troll
- los milty f--... oh wait nvm. Awesome Boondocks comic.

- savagesaladin feeds the troll
- Erotic Nerd feeds the troll.
- marioland feeds the troll.
- some new guy feeds the troll.
- soul3150 feeds the troll.
- taumptytears feeds the troll.

All Other
- AWESOMESAUCE: Sausage Fest Dex.
- AWESOMESAUCE: Sausage Fest Aerox
- KUDOS: mix supports GamerDad
- Saddam HuSavings: Mario Party 3
- Reaprar would be a brilliant gamer designer
- GH Strips in the Sunday Paper

- Nobuo Uematsu interview
- something about live journal. WWOT
- COD4 is lonely
- xenophilius doesn't see the appeal
- shin oni is in an awkward living situation.
- Neonie is hopelessly unemployed
- gamer shirts
- Audiosurf
- COD4 Story Question. Spoiler.
- I actually don't remember the last time I read a novel
- twister1988 buys some games
- crunshii at GDC
- walmart isn't good at picking substitutions.

- I dunno what this blog is about.
- what? I dunno what this is about either.
- i don't get it.
- Australian Game price
- copy pasta about a shitty movie or something

- AWESOMESAUCE: never before seen game

- some windows music
- Wireless mics were made for a reason.
- RE Documentary
- smash
- How Japanese Hookers learn English. (RATHER NSFW)
- GH3
- Achievement Whore Video
- same Conflict ad posted for the 3rd time. this one isn't even embedded.
- i am a banana my anus is bleeding etc...
- American TV is messing with my girl Morrigan. How irksome.

- stinkycheese

Maybe Fail?
- this dude doesn't understand how to do a contest.
- i don't get it
- how bout something more then an old ass link?
- haloz clan with broken video?


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