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Cblogs of 02.16.08

weekends are kind to a cblog recapper. seriously.

so today i was reveling in the fact that i have quiet a bit of disposable income these days after bills, savings, taxes, etc. i made a realization that i've simply reached a new stage in life. no longer are scary clowns named ron---- mc------ and hot lingerie models of v-----'s s----t making making shit tons of money off my back. long gone are the days where it took me months to save a few hundred dollars on shitty part time jobs, fun but low paying work on campus jobs, and very occasional freelance stuff that doesn't make that much, and now instead i make a few hundred dollars a day at one job (and some other nice side projects that i occasionally get). life is good.

so reveling (sp?) in the fact that life is good, i decided to get a xbox360 today. only, when i got to target, i realized that i really needed a new vaccum cleaner because i suffer from really bad allergies and tons of allergens live in yo carpetz. and maybe drapes. >.> so instead of buying a 400 dollar console, i bought a 400 dollar vacuum. maybe not as cool, but atleast it won't rrod (again) and i won't have to put my own RIP in these recaps *ZING!* sorry low blow.

still. it was pretty crazy. i was vacuuming when it hit me. "holy shit, i just bought a 400 dollar vacuum. wtf is wrong with me?!?" and then i felt really old. (and I just had dejavu typing that for some reason).

so, as i promised, a new innovation today. you may notice that in the "all other" section, there are some posts in a block of other posts. from now on, if divide posts within the same category into blocks, the ones in the higher blocks are worth more of your valuable time. i won't always do this, but i'll try to when i remember too. also, it is opinion.

also, i have worn this beanie every day for the last month:

DTOID Beanie

And have come to the conclusion that is a very comfortable beanie. It's not the most comfortable one i own, but it's more then comfortable enough and it's way cooler for the fact that it has the dtoid robot and it's only 13 bucks. what's that you say? you don't own one? well fuck. you should.

*11:30 pm update, added a few more posts*

Community Articles
- Games as Literature

Community Series
- Worst Character Ever by JapanToraXC

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Dynamic Difficulty by unangbankay
- Cowardly Journalism by Atlas (not really GIBI...)

- Audiosurf Contest Winners

- War Machine
- The Prince in Brawl

- Someone please explain to me what schmup means. I can't keep up with all the new lingo these days.
- everyone loves legos. i ate them a child.

Gamer Stories
- gamin' is tough when you have a wife and kids
- it's alright bahamut. we still love you.

Game Notes
- Rock band
- Smash Arcade and Puzzle Fighter HD
- Brawl
- I think this is about MtG Online.
- LO
- Orange Box

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- marble blast in yo browser
- Obama Owns a Wii.
- VC Updates
- Europes VC releases
- warhawk 1.3 patch
- oh now it's no country for old men.
- New Mexico TV/Game tax fails.
- IGN Dynasty Warriors 6 review
- Atleast ABC isn't blaming video games like fauxnews.
- DJ Hero

Jack Thompson needs to go find a fire. I think we all know what he should do with it.
- JT needs to Die in a Fire #1.
- JT needs to Die in a Fire #2. Also sorry Tazer, I slept with Zoe last night. we were drunk. you can have her back now.
- JT needs to Die in a Fire #3.
- JT needs to Die in a Fire #4
- JT needs to Die in a Fire #5

- not quiet dead either. but getting there.

All Other
- G4 Gamer Girl Host bullcrappery
- AWESOMESAUCE: Streetlegal Akira Motorcycle

- This made MrSadistic come out of the closet
- rambling about something.
- Saddack buys LO
- Some Force Unleashed Spoilers
- I don't know what this is about
- being dead ruins life
- youkilledmyguy recommends audiosurf.
- Wall of Text copy pasta that I didn't bother reading
- Some TF2 stuff
- Power Rangers
- drMario1337 made some predictions.
- Samus and a 14 yr old boy.
- Panzer upset the FCC
- Ragnarok Online Remix
- some cod4 stuff
- EPIC: (Spoilers) New Brawl Character that we're just finding out about.
- I don't get it. but I don't play WoW.
- JapanToraXC's take on DJ Hero

- NMH video with spoilers
- Army of 2
- The Haloz
- audiosurf and random videos
- Bahamut might not be sober in this one. Scarlett stil loves you.
- lulz
- this post put MrSadistic back in the closet. Between this and the hello kitty post, maybe he swings both ways?

- Thank god this is an intro post. Otherwise I'd have to fail it.
- I should fail this.
- Tablet
- Atlas20k is Fontain20k
- I should fail this too
- This intro has some conten. WWOT
- I just went blind momentarily. until I close my brower.

Maybe Fail?
- failerific
- failtastic
- failtiful
- failicious


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