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Cblogs of 02.15.08

here's day 8.

so...wtf happened with PS3 FNF? Was I too late? Where the hell was everyone? I'm so sad =(

well, I played with shipero atleast. That was fun, thanks again. (also, if you're wondering with my rockband character is female, it's my gf's character. mine is locked down to the mic and I don't see the point in creating the same character multiple times.) lookin' forward to playing more COD4 online, that was fun.

Finished Professor Layton today. It's a really fun and simple game, I definitely recommend checking it out. I was really floored by the touching but simple ending. Also, the professor departs one really nice piece of wisdom for all you guys out there (I don't consider this a spoiler as it doesn't indicate anything about the story)

"Always put the needs of a lady first. That's what a true gentleman does."
-Professor Layton

I might of typed that wrong >.>

Another innovation in CBLOG recaps that will make your browsing easier to come tomorrow.

Community Articles
- EPIC: DTOID Army nearing 20k.
- Surf314 Interviews his Wife. (that's a bad sounding caption actually)

Community Series
- Best Duos in Gaming by drMario1337
- Monday Review by Cowzilla
- Japan by dvddesign
- Podcastle 6.1
- Awesomesauce: Ready to Friday
- 10 things I learned this week by abortothefetus
- Awesomely Underrated by naia the gamer

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Sidekick/Support Character by Lazlow

- Tomopop Contest
- Audiosurf Contest Reminder
- Smash Update Contest
- Battle of the Rockbands
- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt

- jugs building an ironman figure]

Gamer Stories
- In Search of A 260 Part 4
- HEB rocks. Seriously. Also Valentines.
- electristan reminisces on the oldschool
- TVs Frank is ADD

Game Notes
- Counterforce
- GH Aerosmith?
- Phantom Hourglass
- LAN Games

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Retro Addiction?
- Chad is up to something.

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.

- GOW CO is apparently good
- you internetz is slow.
- More Smash
- GT Aerosmith copy pasta
- jack thompson, once again, still needs to burn in hell
- EA Sports and BigGuy
- GeForce 8 to have integrated Physx processing
- Toys R Us Screws up with GH2 Wii Guitars
- Ninetendo and Piracy
- Game Makers and Political Contributions
- Some Copy Pasta about Media and Games Violence

- FNF TF2 (CaffienePowered)
- FNF update from Snaileb
- FNF Yojimbo style
- EU FNF (MagicAQ)

- Not Dead Yet, but well on it's way there.

All Other
- AWESOMESAUCE EPIC KUDOS WIN: Destructoid Video Player. Testing 123.
- WTF is going on here? I think my eyeballs were just raped.
- reaprar needs some sleeping pills
- i don't know what to do with this post by kadosho
- Tubatic loves Dtoid
- Flash Gaming
- WWOT about Pc Gaming
- Michigan NARP
- smash
- pendelton21 thinks he's hip and indie
- cloverfield monster figure
- Infinity Ward sues the military (satire)
- Summa gets a DUI while in drag.
- Skullpack #1 on Xbox Live
- Audiosurf Launch Bugged?
- Retard Proof TV's
- Ron makes some GDC Predictions
- Spore

- Sonic Videos
- Not sure what the hell is going on here. Something about Pop'n music.
- More Sonic Videods
- DBZ Online
- some mac propaganda?
- Smash
- Proatcooking. This is quite funny.
- Video Review of Conflict: Denied Ops
- Same damn video review of conflict: denied ops
- another sonic video
- bunch of fighter game videos or something
- comic book rapper
- Ps2 Amazon Deal
- DoDonPAchi Daifukkatsu
- KOF and Samurai Showdown
- KOF, sam video as abbove I think.
- Deadly Creatures
- PlayTV PS3
- N64
- Dtoid Song with a bunch of farting..
- Batman: Gotham Knight

- HippieGunner
- Hitman
- pendelton21. think's he's cool and unique. ... what?

Maybe Fail?
- Seriously. One sentence? That ain't going in contemplative thoughts.
- #2
- Butmac does this way better.


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