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Cblogs of 02.13.08


I'm early today because I have some painting to do. Will update later tonight if I have time, if not, the rest of todays posts will go on tomorrows recap.

Several posts went missing today. I'm assuming they were hidden. I could of SWORE vixen post a RIP blog for her xbox. atleast I think it was vixen.

alot of new posters too. and there are a bunch of posts that I don't think are series posts yet, but may become series posts? oh well.

since these recaps are usually done rather late in the night, would it be beneficial to have an afternoon repost that I will hide the next day, or what that be annoying? You guys decide.

back to work -_-

Midnight update:
added a bunch more to the list.

Another update:
I'm not going crazy. Found Vixen's RIP post.

Community Articles
- Video Games Live
- Why We Don't need New Nintendo IPs

Community Series
- New Series? Classics I Missed by Mr Wilson
- Casting Call...GDI BigPoppaGamer. I always loose track of time staring at freaking Reon Kadena. Probably added 10 minutes to tonights recap.
- Games I Love by Shipero (Soul Blazer)
- Do You Remember the First Time?
- I CAN HAZ(FREE)? by vexed alex
- Bad Boss Design by DJMegamatX

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- This isn't really a Good Idea Bad Idea Article. It's more of a "games in march" article
- Concept Time by FrogwhoiFinal (new guy? possible series in the works? I don't know where else to put this)

- Contest for Dtoid Shirt update

- GuitarAtomik's musical conundrum
- Knife Eye Attack
- Mega Model Mania
- atheistium likes devil cock. apparently, so does Sadie G, riomccarthy, Tino, BronxBomber, and MissHinasaki
- The Medic. It's not a furry.
- A Nero Doodle (not Niero)

- Sadie got some chocolate miis
- more stuff about chocolate miis
- Chain Chomp Beanie. ALPHA+somenumbers posted this.

Gamer Stories
- CarlostheJackal's wife loves xbox more than him.
- How Kryptinite fell in love with Rez

Game Notes
- Jimpressions of Lost Odyssey (minor spoilers)
- Burnout Paradise
- Smash Music Impressions
- Bioshock
- Viva Pinata
- Carmageddon
- Blue Dragon
- Mass Effect (with spoilers)
- Penumbra Overture

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- mobile gaming
- Warioware is Art.
- Brain Differences between male/female gamers
- Cost of Blu Ray Success

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Aliens
- New Line Cinema and some stupid lawsuit the filed. Lawsuits need to burn in hell if you ask me.
- In Game XMB?
- Old ass smash review from 1999
- Browser Version of HoMM
- XBLA Pick of the week
- Smash
- Europe to get Spore First?
- Nanostray 2 Delayed
- Everyday Shooter releases in PAL tomorrow
- NinjaGaiden 2 Screens
- terminator 4 has a new dude from australia
- New Spore Screenshots
- Europe VC
- sexual predators on xbox live
- No Nazis in Lego Indiana Jones?
- Some Videogame deals, preorders for smash.
- Some political stuff
- Brontasaurus with a Jetpack
- New TF2 update tomorrow
- Matlockery on furture DLC for Rock Band
- some rumortoid about a new KOTOR
- another Bioware working on new kotor
- one link for spore. that's it -_-.
- Wii Fit isn't supposed to make you Fit.

- Snaileb
- Wednesday Night Warhawk

All Other
- something about wipeout dlc
- COD4 question
- AWESOMESAUCE: Niero makes some funny ass dtoid adds. Community responds with even more.
- Something about NFS
- Chad Concelmo is a humanitarian.
- power-glove admits he fucked up. good man.
- A Web Game. (The Last Dalek?)
- Spongebob Voice cast dubs over classic films
- Lost Odyssey Packaging (review copy?)
- Lost Odyssey Packaging Retail sucks
- thebza bought lost odyssey but he's got alot of other game he hasn't started.
- Excremento at 1000 comments
- EB Games Deal that you already missed.
- CaffienePowered breaks his vista.
- News on new star wars movie and tv series
- Mr Fancypants ranmbing about something.
- Home Theater Update
- Ali D is satan
- Demios got Lost Odyssey and Advance Wars
- NMH Animated Series
- Who's going to GDC?
- Xelotath gets a sealed Ikaruga
- Bahamuts Drunk. It's ok though, T&A to be found here.
- Dynasty Warriors
- Funny comments on hamza's post
- Yeah, where the fuck is Lemon? I've been wondering that too.
- EPIC: Colette has a mustache. Also Hamza hates the word Squenix (I'll agree, it's a dumb sounding word. They should of named it Enix^2 if you ask me).
- Evolution of Nintendo Characters

- angry german kid remix
- some weird tv pastor pretends to have the force
- Fear and Loathing in Hyrule
- Zero Punctuation Sim City Societies
- Ron's playing games with my heart there.
- Mario Paint Music Videos
- Some video game movies
- Singles awareness day
- Benjamin Cantler had a new video
- Fun with Crysis physics
- WIN: SNES is Destructoid
- Sponge Bob

- Vixen's xbox dies

- Contentless intro
- this guy whores himself out for money

Maybe Fail?
- #1
- #2


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