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Cblogs of 02.12.08

what, you wankers thought I gave up already? pshaw what kinda wussy boy do you think I am? ;)

today's improvement... bullets!...or dashes...whatever

tomorrow improvement, alphabetizing posts by poster name!!! no I'm totally kidding. these things are long enough to rival alot of articles.

Community Articles
- Are we getting spoiled?
- Win: Sterling Interview. Question 8 is awesomesauce.
- Ocified Xboxer and BrOnXbOmBr21 (I swear you and you and y0j1mb0 have such damn tough names to type) have some intelligent discourse about sports games and exclusivity(sp?)
- Sports Deals and Exclusivity Deals by BronxBomber21 (I'm gonna type it like this from now on)
- Variable Gear's Franken RPG

Community Series
- Good Games Long Forgotten by Marioland
- Failcast recording tonight
- Japan by DVDDesign
- Best Duos in Gaming by drMario1337
- Another Good Games Long Forgotten by Marioland
- Worst Character Ever by Nihontiger90

Good Idea, Bad Idea
- Kiddie Games by Liquid Ninja
- Late Game Party Additions by ZargonX
- Valentine Art
- DLC by Jebus7
- Player Creativity by Barcode
- In Game Advertising by DaedHead8
- Silent Protagonist by GuitarAtomik

- Cashwh0re contest winners
- Update on contest for DTOID shirt
- Contest for a game coupon. To late, deadlines up.
- Game Coupon Winner

- RFGO Animation
- Media Monday?
- Mega Model Mania

Game Notes
- Sam and Max Night of the Raving Dead Review (spoilers)
- Getting to love your Medic
- Vampire the Masquerade
- Karnov
- Burnout Paradise
- Terrorist Takedown 2 sucks. Never heard of it.
- Endless Ages
- Professor Layton Mini Review

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Future Classics
- 1000 pirated copies = 1 game sale ?
- What Makes a Game Addicting
- WWII Games in Germany
- DToid copy pasta?
- Arab Characters in Video Games

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- preorders for GOW CO
- smash.
- Venom Film
- KOF12 SF4 in one building
- new xbox
- GI Joe Castings
- Spore Release Date
- Monopolies in Gaming
- EA extends NFL license
- Fist of the North Star DS Demo
- condemned copy pasta
- nVidia enters mobile CPU market
- marvel mmo canned
- Toys R Us cancels Les Paul Wii orders
- Some RE5 Rumor mongering (already commented by Capcom to be false)
- More RA3
- Live DRM issues
- RA3. Your internetz must be slow.
- Sony at GDC
- Army of 2 Achievements

- TF Tuesday

- it's not an xbox

All Other
- Nihon's Birthday Recap
- Chun li has big sexy thighs
- Wardrox is internet famous somewhere
- DJ Cheetos is easy to rob.
- Blehman got Rock Band
- Mr Wilson is thanking Butmac
- Blu Ray/HD DVD releases
- Lair Patch in the Works
- Orange Box PC @ Amazon today.
- Watchman tied because of Faux's bullshit
- ShadokatRegn is a Teamkiller.
- Chipotle VD deal
- Mispronounced names in games?
- Flapjack titties. I don't know what that means, and I don't want to know.
- TM ETE buyers in Canadiaaaaa getting screwed?
- DToid Steam Community
- DryvBy needs to spend his tax refund. I should fail this just cause it's DryvBy but i'm supposed to be impartial here.
- something about Holland's redlight district
- something about daria. this might fail? i'm going easy on you guys today.
- Anon vs Scientology stuff
- Brawl
- she looks familiar.
- Firefox 3

- MGS4 Time Paradox
- DTOID Video Rewind ala Workman
- myspace obsession. if this was my kid, i'd fucking send him to bootcamp, or loose him at the zoo. in a lions cage. with a piece of raw meat attached to his head.
- Smash.
- Street Fighter 4 NES
- Drunken Demo Man
- Chris Knife Run Part 3
- smash
- band mashups trailer
- Fighter Maker video
- Trailers for a MMO Documentary
- fifa street 3
- Some stuff tsunamikistune found at Dollar General
- Time Hollow
- Another I can't Defeat Airman
- Awesomesauce: Card Saga Wars
- Fighter Maker 2 Vagina Punch (slightly nsfw?)
- Heave and Medic, Together Forever
- Robot vs. Dog

Maybe Fail?
- No Content here.
- twister1988 wants to mod his wii wii to play with his mail order bride (brawl stuff)
- your internetz is slow
- Take of the Maybe and the ?
- This is borderline, i'll fail it anyway


CBLOGS of 02.08.08
CBLOGS of 02.09.08
CBLOGS of 02.10.08
CBLOGS of 02.11.08


I'd also like to use this space to shamelessly plug the new kung fu panda trailer at:

... cause you know, I worked on this and it's gonna be a fun film to watch. >.>


ok that's all for now folks. back to painting.
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