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Cblogs of 02.11.08

hey guys! Monday is the true test of how well I can handle this shit. Around 130 posts today. Took me about 50 minutes today, not to shabby. it took longer because I can't open 130 browsers without crashing my computer so I had to do 60 at time. now back to painting.

also, as this is a constantly evolving thing, i'm introducing 4 new tags: awesomesauce, epic, win, and kudos. please keep in mind that these tags will be used very very sparingly, and are PURELY my personal opinion saying "hey, I really enjoyed this." It doesn't mean that the posts that get it are really good, or that the ones that don't get it aren't good enough. it just means it has something that entertained me today.

I think someone asked why I keep typing there name in lowercase. apologies, it's not purpose. I just do this very very fast.

I also like how I can sneak in my not worthy of it's own post pondering/thoughts in here.

Community Articles
How aggregate sites are ruining video game journalism by Count Grishnack
Franchise whoring by EternalDeathSlayer
Games of PS3
No wall of text here, but some advice from Sadie G as to what to get your gamer lover(if you have one. or you can cry like those guys in Retroforce Go said they'd be doing today)

Community Series
Worst Character Ever (NihonTiger90)
Final Fantasy Suck Off by blehman (I think this is a series?)
Kudos: Get to know your Rockband DLC by Butmac. This is the way these posts SHOULD BE DONE.
Look I Drink by BahamatZero
Music Mondays by UMF Skibum

Good Idea, Bad Idea
No In Game Pausing by BlindsideDork
Console Exclusives by Soulhammer
Good Idea, Bad Idea by weedgan
Multiplayer by Shadwithin
Mandatory Pacifism by Jorvik
3rd Dimension by Rorschach
Final Levels by Polish Hill

Blindside dork wants to give away a destructoid shirt. c'mon, who DOESN'T want a destructoid shirt? only people that fail don't want that.

Furry Earthbound
Turok Concept Art
Fun Animated Short about video game villians
Awesomesauce: Silverhertz posted some videos. the first one, Monk and the Fish, is a very well known french short by Michael Dudok De Wit that is praised by animation professionals world wide. The 3rd one is also very well known, done by Cube (one of my favorite shorts of all time).
Win: Destructainment. This should go in videos, but the Violin Video is AwesomeSauce
tiff's dad photoshops family pictures on to sam and max
Dead Movie Star working on a RetroForceGo animation. wants Colette Porn.
Agent Moo Makes a game
Agent Moo is starting his game test now

Pac Man Golf Shirt
Transformers Toy
Stray Marine from Quake II figuring
Sadie G on carpets matching drapes
Gundamn Toy

Gamer Stories
Awesomesauce: y0j1mb0 is feeling old
Cubilones reminisces on bubble bobble
Faux-bot is padthrower

Game Notes
Deal no Deal Arcade Game
Super Mario Galaxy
Animated Triggers first HL experience
Harvest Moon Virtual Console. I'm gonna agree on HM being awesome.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
Grammar is Prime
Something about Tristero
What about simultaneous release in Europe for English speaking countries?
Sandbox and Free-Roaming
2008 the year of the psp?
Jorvik Posts on Religion and Gaming
Helping publishers deal with used game sales

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
Halo 3 Patch
UK changing game ratings
apple applies for gaming trademark
smash update. just assume these have spoilers from now on.
more apple wants to make a game console.
No Juno Game
Rockband DLC
Zero Punctuation on G4TV
resident evil umbrella chronicles wii back in stock at amazon
Yes we know hd dvd is dying
SFIV screenshots
Left4Dead coming to PS3?
another no juno post
Internet trolling covered by first amendment
Gamefly gets better protection
Twisted Metal Head On Extreme Twisted Edition

Still sucks to be Atlas. He's playing NMH

All Other
Fox News Spoof Writeup
Things to do when brawl is released
Suborbital doesn't know what blogs are for. loves mariogalaxy
steve likes red faction II
Gamecock Lulz
Lost Planet PS3 Demo Busted
UK Gamer petition. I don't live in the UK so I didn't read this.
Einhander gets a Dreamcast
Uncle Fuzzy needs your help with something. Megan Fox is very too sexy.
Happy Birthday NihonTiger90!
bbrigg1 had a weird satanic dream and he's now ranked 666
JoshDunford is excited about SFIV.
DJTyrant hasn't recieved his Wii Discs
4 screenshots of TF2
Day in the Life of a Smash brother fanboy
Hinesmdc got a free rock band guitar
some ytmnd
anyone going to spiderwick toronto?
more ssmbb posts
new mortal kombat movie on the way
dvddesign has broken XBLA games
jpitner is gonna go see freezepop
Icemax has a warranty on his video card
Hurley likes Advance Wars
chrisbradshaw didn't like video games live
Halo 3 action figure colors
Turok Box art sucks
Upgrayedd got rock band
GOWCO goes gold
dreamcast games on ebay
super stick bros.....
Beer Review

Video Games Live Toronto
Gregor sucks at killing himself. Funny. Turn Off your speakers for the credits (bad music warning)
Awesomesauce: Tiger Riding Horse
manic gamer ep 3
spoof on the australian party throwin kid.
i'm a talking moon
Band Mashup Wii
what's on dvddesign's mind
liam2015 wants a 360
Pandora's Box
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.
Super Stick bros v2.
video tour of arcade infinity

Welcome Vixen. Atleast she talks about a game she likes instead of failing.
welcome CHRXASCZ. atleast he talks about something.

Maybe Fail?
atleast it's at an hour when not many people are online
two today?!? must be a monday thing
Dryvby failes alot. damn! 3 today.
he wrote a good blog, and then reposted it. does that sound hypocritical cause i will sometimes repost these recaps? of course not this is a service for you guys. 5.
put a link, don't just make us copy pasta. also tazor says this fails, i'll take his word for it. 6. goddamnit monday


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