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Cblogs of 02.10.08

Hello again, here's day 3!

There's gonna be a slight change in time format, atleast on nights prior to a work day (because I have to sleep and go to work in the mornin' yo!)

So, on these nights, I will be posting the recap earlier. Any posts in the last 2-3 hours before midnight that should go on today's recap will then go on tomorrow's recap instead. Basically I'm shifting midnight be a few hours.

to answer folks questions about how the hell i'm doing this:
on any given day, 99% chance i'm in front of the computer the whole damn day (besides eating, sleeping, and excercise...actually scratch eating and sleeping cause i do that infront of the computer too). so as i'm working, there's usually gaps here and there where i have down time while i'm waiting for the computer to do something. this is when i read destructoid. i read very very very fast and i have a good memory, no lie. i don't know where that ability came from. so basically, by the time it's time to do the recap at night, I just open every blog of the day in different tabs and copy pasta links into a preset template that i built. each page takes about 10 seconds for me to copy pasta and type a quick description.

and that's how it's done. pretty simple.

Community Articles
The fall of sonic games
Ron talked to Heaf. This should go in all other but it's pretty funny.
Gaming Cost Trends from the 70s to Today

Community Series
confessions of a ps3 owner by razerangel
look i drink by excremento
VGM Analysis by Scary Womanizing Pig Mask

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Movie Related Games by Kryptinite

as evidenced by repeat comments, i must of divided by 0

some cool modeling tech from ACVT
World of Balloon Craft
We are the Strange
Slime Hat by Rio!

Gundam Toys

Gamer Stories
seems like a history lesson

Game Notes
One Hour Review of NMH
Rock Band
RE Extinction Movie Review
Savage 2 Trial

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
jug has an announcement
games getting easier, or are we getting smarter?
Why Review Brawl?
Hypocrisy in the Gaming Community
TF2 Class Limit Discussion
Bad Boss Design in Lego Star Wars?

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
hidden tracks in ssmbb iso (spoilers?)
Wipeout HD
Escape from the Friend Zone
Edgeworth in Apollo Justice?

Sucks to be Atlas
Roy Schneider?

All Other
Something about prostitutes
Game Goblin is appalled by Tomopop
always ten feet tall doesn't like the edgier ethan thomas
another most anticipated 08 games list
Hidden SSMBB costume
More kwaselow aim conversations. i don't think i'll ever understand this guy
velt is a pirate

Japanese Women Learn English in Odd Ways
Colbert/O'brien/Stewart YMNTD
anon vs scientology london
pursuit force extreme justice intro
greenpeace video (old news yo)
more cod videos. didn't someone alreay post these?
RE LULZ video
Dark Side of Potter
The Date (SHORT FILM) kinda fucked up, specially how he thanks his ex-girlfriend in the credits
Japanese Pizza Commercials
Tiff likes to ****

This ones's kinda lacking
this one too
people need to stop making suck intro posts
WilloughbyJackson. Might have cool stuff in the future?

Maybe Fail?
dryvby is upset about something


CBLOGS of 02.08.08
CBLOGS of 02.09.08

::sigh:: today i'm also contemplating why houses are so god damn expensive in la >_< why can all the cgi jobs be in friggen texas intead. ::sigh:: hope i can save 80k for a downpayment in the next 2 years T-T
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