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Cblogs of 02.09.08

Slow day in posts.

On side note, I played some burnout paradise on ps3 with some dtoiders today. rocked out with shipero in rockband abit. that was fun.

can someone explain to me why voice chat on the ps3 is utter shit?

I must recommend that you read Geoff's post under gamer stories. It's long, but it's quite a fucking trip to read.

ALSO, cblog recap guide is now going to be on my blog header. this is so I don't have to keep copy pasta-ing it, shrinks the wall of text abit, and to show my commitment to doing this.

again, this recap is FOR YOU DTOID COMMUNITY. I open to suggestions. thanks to bronx for lookin' over my recap guide text.

Community Articles
The Key to a Great Game is the Player by Phoenix Gamma
Money and Games by Clockwork

Community Series
NihonTiger90's Worst Character Ever

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Gaming Gimmikes by Xenophilius
Cblog Promotion by Wardox
Monthly Musings by Conrad Zimmerman
BI/BI Bioshock movie by Professor Pew
Spiritual Succesor by CaffienePowered
DS Touch Sceen by Sadie G

COD4 Contest

Surreal Nintendo Art
Pandas and Whales Badges
A Destructoid sketch
Bionic Commando Sprites
Colossus Fan Art by deiga-the-semivaliant

Angel Thanatos has a Blue DS
Altair Action Figure
Cutsom Wii paint jobs
McFarlene HALO3 Figures
Street Fighter Revoltech Figurines

Gamer Stories
marko72 laments over SSMB
Geoff relates a sad tale. it's quite a story, you should read it. very intense.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
More PS3 vs 360 whatnot. Help justice decide. (nvm, he bought a 360)
Atheistium is a bike (get your mind out of the gutter!)
Portal Multiplayer
EDS gives up his thoughts on Mario Kart Wii
Addictive Games = Virtual Crack?

Game Notes
Camera in DMC4

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
Coonsking has no integrity. GTA4 Info
Dumb People and Church Burning
GTA IV Achievements. (spoilers)
The Unfair Platform
Vote for Roll Casket in a Golf Game
More FTA IV stuff
ps2 to be $99?
Heath Ledger stuff
Insomniac Interview: Resistance 2

Destructoid in the Wild
DTOID at Which Wich

All Other
srfmrf007 is a casual gamer
justice buys a 360
guagloves got a dreamcast
zen albatross is doing a shamelessplug
Snaileb saw cats.

y0j1mb0 (SNF)

Coonskin's 360 dies.

buster put up videos of something
wiimote ddr
Lego Millenium Falcon
Tragic Hero is bored.
something about whales
GFW (lulz)
panda fetish.
dronkmonk is a midget getting bullraped. (slightly nsfw)
TF2 Machinema

Welcome Saddack

Notable Forum Threads
Official DTOID PAX 2008 Thread
How did you find Destructoid?
NMH Thread
G4 Gamer Girl something or another

CBLOGS of 02.08.08

also a thanks to charliesuh for finding this toy and posting it. i now have on at my office telling me to get back to work before she busts a cap in my ass. it came with this weird extra double joint though, and I still have no idea what the fuck it's for.
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