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Cblogs of 02.08.08

As stated before, I've decided to try on the mantel of CBLOG RECAP-INATOR and see how long I last before I crush under it's weight. So here's the first one, and a little intro:

1. I will try to make this as categorical as possible. at the end of each recap, there will be a compiled list of all category descriptions.
2. For now, I'm going to attempt to do this EVERYDAY. make bets on how long that lasts. this recap took me 34 minutes (I read every article through out the day, so linking at night doesn't take to long). On a side warning, I don't watch all the videos. so don't blame me if it's got some screwed up crap in it. I may miss a day here and there, but hopefully not to often.
3. I'm still developing a system to do this, there may be some evolving to this.
4. I will post each recap once around midnight and repost afternoon the next day.
5. I will try not to be too judgemental. hence the fail category is fail with ? I will attempt to get EVERY single post of the day.
6. At some point, I may figure out a system of fairly promoting some articles in this recap. not gonna worry about it for now.
7. Will try to give NSFW and Spoiler warnings. don't blame me if I miss a few.
8. I will add more categories/modify existing as i go when it seems necessary.
9. hopefully this will improve the dtoid community abit
10. in my hopes to have forums and cblogs co-exist nicely, I think I may start adding any notable forum threads too. this will be a future feature.

Community Articles
Kif on then 2d Platformers now FPS
Jcard86 introducing what may become a community series: music appreciation.
Surf314 Relates his game finishing woes
Bronxbombr21 discusses the 6mil hometheather

Community Series
Abortothefetus's 10 things I learned this week
Topher is Ready to Friday
CaffienePowered's Point
Aerox's Counterpoint

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Spokespeople by NihonTiger90
Action/Adventure by Soulhammer
Level Scaling by ShawnKelfonne
DLC by Jcard86
Cash Shops and Monthly Fees by Neonie
Expensive Peripherals Bundled with games by Joseph Gabaeff
a GI/BI spoof by Surf314
Silent Protangonist by NihonTiger90
a GI/BI spoof by Atlas
Franchises by Petrie

Sequential Photo Contest by yours truly
battle of the bands
Smash Contest

Amalgamut00 to be quoted in comic book
Mustaches of Mario
Jack of No Trades Mega Model Mania Friday
Age of Conan Concept Art
Papercraft: Boom Blox
Cat Armor
Dead Movie Star posts some paintings
Okami Hat by Rio

Adidas Halo 3 Shoes
GameStop 25% off Coupon
Layton Hat
Earthbound 2 Calendar
Signed DMC 4 poster

Gamer Stories
Nostalgia Story: Darkknight37 and his toys
bbrigg1 recovers old snes. slightly NSFW picture.

Game Notes
Need for Speed Prostreet (PS2)
English of the Dead
Velt Reviews Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
Blaow85 contemplates what the hell happened to saves
NeilC contemplates GTAIV save system
NielC contemplates gamer hardcoreness
Advance Wars and Puzzle Elements

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
Smash Brothers Stuff (Spoilers)
something about tom clancy
Assassin's Creed DS
IBM Shrinks PS3 Cell
Euro VC Release Dates
Crystal Chronicals DS
Street Fighter IV Site Update
SFIV pictures
Writer's Strike/videogames insulted?
Linking an Article on Violence and Gaming, a bit of commentary
Another Link to the same article, with some more commentary
Copy Pasta on Puzzle Quest Sequel News


All Other
Crunks wants Earthbound
Fuzzy comments on Zack and Wiki
Ocified-Xboxer rants about Elitist Gamers
dvddesign review In Bruges
NMH Rant from Johnny Blaze
a list of wanted Mario Kart Wii features
Butmac Compares Heavenly Sword and Conan
Polysics gets a wii
nilcam plays prof.layton for nine minutes
kwaselow posting something about something. i don't usually get what this guy is posting.
Something about KITT
Walmart and Gamecubes
Some Top 10 NonZombie Zombie Stuff
Cooking Mama is Racist
YTMND superbowl in 60 seconds
something about a COD4 team
Whalers (Jim Sterling!)
POGS (rather NSFW Banner)
Fleet3000 is a dumb fuck

WoW Video posted by Ron NSFWorkman
some lulz videos from Heretic
Mile High Club completed in 28.6 Seconds
Funny Bud Light Commercial
Penthouse pet playing guitar hero. mildly NSFW
somehting for itemforty and bahamut. i don't get this one.
another weird video
2400 sq ft home video arcade
and more weird videos
dr ivo robotnik
Japanese Game Shows
Sandlot 300
Reaprar stuff.
Thomasa and his Keytar Video

Maybe Fail?
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