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CBlogs, End of Year 2 + Arktemplations

well, this has been an epic day. I decided to recap the entire birthday thing for easy access to today's epicness. Or if Niero ever needs a pick-me-up, all the links are in one convenient place. Some of them are a little awkward, but they're all good intentioned I'm sure.

As you may have notice, my post today consisted of the images resized to the 550 format. There are Quarter-Rez images up in the photo gallery, but I think they're out of order or something. I just wanted to mention that the entire comic is available in webcomic format at my portfolio site. I don't really mention my website often because they're really no reason to, but it's a way of keeping all my work organized on the web I guess. Link starting at GT's Cover Page here: CLICK!

Also, I'll be making a few pages available to download at full 1080p from my side bar the next few days ( when my laziness has moved one) Page 10 (Niero Holding the Helmet), Page 18 (I am Destructoid), Page 19 (Helmet and Bats). You guys and download it and wall paper it or crop it or do whatever you like.

Anyway, yesterday partied at Chad's and that was awesome. I took some photos, but my cellphone camera just doesn't cut it in low light situations =P They mostly turned out black -_-. Fun times though. DTOID LA rocks (and so does Chad). Rio was texting me throughout the night. She was sad that she lives in the middle of nowhere as opposed to close to awesome people like us (not to rub it in or anything). Oh, and I tried on your dolphin hat, it's freaking awesome. I had a lot of fun, and met more Dtoiders, so it was awesome.

So now I'm done with the comic. It's weird. I'm not gonna have anything urgent to do now when I get home from work at nights. Sure I have tons more painting and other art shit that needs to be done, but nothing else has a deadline. Thank god. I was really sweating it on that book. I'll probably have a lot more time for FNF now too.

So my plans going forward now:
Aside from my 9-6~ish job where I do art, I'm gonna take a BREAK from art. I just need a week or two to contemplate the things I've learned from this project, refresh my creativity, and get my juices going for the next projects. Which basically translates to: I've barely touched any freaking video games in the last month in a half and I need to finish Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect.

That being said, lemme guys give you a preview of what's next on the Paint List:
1. Rio McCarthy in Persona 3.
2. Conrad Zimmerman in Dead Rising.
3. Another Multi-Painting Destructoid Project, which I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about.
4. Some Not Destructoid/Painting Related stuff.

on a side note, I call it the paint list because my artistic development essentially started with painting. Just to share a bit with ya'll, but the paintlist actually consists of basically any art project I want to do, it's not necessarily all painting.

Also, as I had mentioned before in one of my cblogs, I'm going to get to work on a series of articles about how CG in games is done. Hopefully this series will give you gamers a broader perspective by providing you with insight on how games look from the industry side as opposed to the consumer side.

Oh, and a big Thank You to Sadie G. She did a great job covering for me yesterday. Thanks!

Ok, that's all for today. I gotta go work tomorrow so it's time to crash

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