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About Cblog Recaps + Archives

CBLOG recaps is community oriented service meant to help Cbloggers and readers sort through...cblogs. Maybe you were away from Destructoid and just want to catch up, or you just wanted to see if you miss something, or you just wanted to read some random commentary. Cblogs recaps are for YOU.

The recaps are done daily. A majority of the time, I do the recaps, but there are reserve members for days that I'm unavailable to do them. Recaps will usually go up between 10pm-1am Pacific Time and include everything after the last recap.

Additionally, I sometimes post random commentary about random shit. On these days, you will see a + Arkisms to the blog title. (or Sadisms. Yojimbisms. Or Shipisms. Depends on the recapper)

CBlog Recaps has been continually evolving since it's inception. It was first done by Cowzilla3, taken over by Coonskin, and now taken over by myself. I'm always taking suggestions on how to make this better.

This page is meant to serve as a guide on how to read the recaps, as well as an archive for every recap done since I started doing this. It will be updated constantly.

Recap Guide

These are recapper's personal picks of the day. This doesn't mean they're the best posts. In fact, some of them might be pretty bad posts. These are simply the posts that the recapper enjoyed the most this particular day, and is merely personal opinion.

This the category for the writer-esque type posts.

A- Articles
These are the community articles of the day. Community articles are blog posts that reach a sizable length, and a written in to a certain standard of organized thought and quality.

S- Series
These are serialized blog posts done by community members.

M- Monthly Musings
These are writings that fall under Reverend Anthony's monthly musing topics.

P- Podcasts
These are Podcasts done by the community.

This category obviously pertains to contests. This should be relatively self explantory.

C- Community Contests
Community Contest rules will remain in this section until they are over. If I'm missing your contest, please let me know.

W- Winners
A winrar is you.

E- Entries/Winners/Updates
Self Explanatory

This section relates to things that are more community oriented.

E- Events
NARPS, Conventions, Whatnot

F- Fight Nights
Organized Game Nights

D- Destructoid in the Wild
Robot Sightings

S- Stories
Stories from the Community

C- Contemplations
Thoughts, Questions, Calls for Help, Whatnot

I- Introductions
New people.

B- Birthdays
People Getting Older

Dead consoles. Sometimes people.

H- Cribtoids
Destructoid Members sharing their setups.

This is for everything VGR that doesn't go into the above categories.

N- News
News. Usually Copypasta.

V- Videos
Self Explanatory

R- Reviews
Self Explanatory

T- Thoughts
Thoughts on a game or gaming subject, not really reviews.

D- Development
Some indie developers like to post info on their games here at Destructoid. They're posts will go here. Also news dealing with new development tech and whatnot.

Also Self Explanatory.

A- Art
Comics, Fanart, Random Art, Cosplay, Etc.

M- Music
Self Explanatory

F- Film
Anything Film/TV related.

L- Literature.
books and stuff.

S- Swag
Merch, Gear, Toys, Custom Stuff, etc.

Everything NVGR that doesn't fit into the above categories goes here.

Makes you laugh. Maybe.

R- Random
Assorted Topics about anything really.

V- Videos
Self Explanatory

"Could be betters." These posts don't fail. But they could use more effort.

?- ???
I essentially don't have the slightest clue what any of these posts are about.

This is sorta the junk of the day. I'd like to note that this isn't an awful category to be in every once in awhile, unless you get stuck in "stop sucking." Don't feel bad if you get Failed/Slowed, or CBB'd. It's just a kind note of sorts. The only category you don't want to fall into is "stop sucking." In an effort to remain mostly objective, I won't descriminate on who falls into here. If it's slow or it fails, that's that.

S- You Are Slow
Some one beat you to the bunch, or old news/content that's not worth rehashing.

F- Maybe Fail?
Probably Fails. It's ok though, everyone fails at some point. Just try not to do it to often.

Stop Sucking
Names of people that won't be linked because they broke the failmeter. It's very hard to make it on here. It's also very hard to get off of here. You won't make it on the list simply posting failblogs all the time. This is reserved for people who are here just troll or be offensive. In essense, this is the only category you don't want to be in because it essentially means you are a douchebag.


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Series/Topsauce Archives

This is a feature I'm planning to add in the future (maybe). This is a permanent archive that will feature the most exceptional of articles as well as great community series, such as Aerox's/CaffienePowered's Point/Counterpoint.

Cblog Crew
This is the current crew.

Normal Schedule:
Monday through Wednesday: Conrad Zimmerman
Thursday through Saturday: Ceark
Sunday: Gynecologist Cobra

Ceark, Conrad Zimmerman, Gynecologist Cobra, Reaprar,
Sadie G, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask, Shipero, Yojimbo
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- my name is ark.
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