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Cblogs of 05.22.08

*- Baltimore NARP *- Dtoid through the years *- Dtoid Figures *- Iron Sky. Can anyone tell me the name of the BG music? *- Chicago's Retro Game Store *- E Wastes A- DTOID CCG S- Death by Cartoon 106 (Conrad Zimmerman) M- Virtual ON (Oh...


Cblogs of 05.18.08

I love sundays. nice and easy. *- Dtoid Secret Booster Pack *- Dtoid Booster Pack 3 *- Street Fighter on the Guitar *- Jim Sterling entertains me once again. M- Mariokart (4knuckleshuffle) C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.3...


Cblogs of 05.17.08

I'll be doing tomorrow as well. Cobra will probably take probably take over sundays after this week. Also. AEROX? DIABLO II? YAH???? *- Teta does Samit *- Booster Pack 2 S- One the Table: Dunwich Horror (Conrad Zimmerman) M- Zone of...


Cblogs of 05.16.08

My brain shut off near the end. -_- Also, my sunday recapper is unable to do permanent anymore, anyone want to take up sundays? They're usually really easy... *- TIM042's Epic Collection *- Mattfoo is cooler then the rest of us now. *-...


Cblogs of 05.15.08

Howdy. I'm back. my recaps are rather to the point these days. I reserve my witticisms for only a few posts a day. At first this is due to the fact that I'm busy as hell these days. Now it's because I'm busy as hell and I find that few...


Rio McCarthy + Persona 3 = Riomis Artwork

I bet you guys thought I just bailed on my own contest eh? that would of been a good guess. I've been so horrendously busy with work and house hunting (which f-in sucks to do in LA. Not as bad as say, Manhattan, but still shitty nonethel...


Cblogs of 05.08.08

Scary womanizing pig mask has you covered tomorrow and saturday. I was planning on doing the recaps, but SWPM offered and I said to myself "hell, I'm busy as hell right now. awesome." *- I love tomopop too. my wallet hates them. *- Good...


Cblogs of 05.02.08 - 05.03.08

also, happy b-day Topher! *- LA NARP Pics *- Conrad shows you how to do with your GTA IV *- Easy way to get pick of the day with me: Mention Terranigma *- If pacman were real. LOL A- Repetitive games design in sequals (razerangel) S...


Cblog recaps

I just got from the LA Narp. It's 5 am. I will combine Fridays recaps with Saturdays recaps tomorow, so tomorrow's recap will be a 2 day double feature. also, I have people crashing at my place.


Cblogs of 05.01.08

I never really liked GTA games. That being said, I really, really like GTA IV. Also, it's really freaking long. I'm 20 hours in and only like 35% done. Also, Recaps will go up really really late tomorrow, as I will be out at the LA NARP...


Cblogs of 04.26.08 + Arkisms

I don't play online accept with DTOIDers and friends. Why? Because I like interacting with mature people. The online gaming community is just to saturated with prepubescent boys with only cursory words in their vocabulary and not a spot ...


Cblogs of 04.25.08

This is what it's like to play poker with Yojimbo: *- I feel even more humiliated getting my ass handed to my by your beardless face. *- It weirds me out that you guys find this hot. Cool, yeah. Hot? I dunno about that. *- Awesome Steam...


Cblogs of 04.24.08

allo allo! as usual, thursdays are good days. i got paid. i've pushed through the bulk of some crunchtime work and after 4 weeks of doing OT i'm finally starting to have some free time again, which means getting to do some art. i offici...


Cblogs of 04.19.08

I was partyin' at dexter's. hence, uber late recap. *- Awesome image from Kings of Power 4 Billion *- Bunnies! *- This is Vegas Developer Video A- Things that should be considered in RPGs (Spoilers) S- On the Table: Zombies (Conrad Z...


Cblogs of 04.18.08

It's friday. If your reading this, your wasting valuable game time. shoo shoo. S- Ready to Friday C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31) C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2) E- Junko's going to pax F- Agent Moo FNF F- Halo 3 FN...


Cblogs of 04.17.08

Not having to do these every day has given me a good bit of relief lately, due to the amount of OT I have to do at the moment. On the otherhand, I'm loosing the rhythm a bit so these take me abit longer. Oh well. Also, I haven't been a...



hidy ho foks! Expecting a recap? No can do, Mr. Zimm-a-man has you covered for today (he's doing quite well, yes?). As you may have already noticed, I'm not doing the recaps much these days. Since I don't think I've formally announced i...


CBlogs of 04.09.08 + Arkisms

I apologize for the late recap. I've been getting off work past 10 pm these last few days. Tomorrow, Reaprar will be doing your recaps. That should be.... interesting. She'll probably fail 90% of the blogs. Also, Scary Womanizing Pig M...


CBlogs of 04.08.08 + Arkisms

Hey Folks, it's officially month 3 of Cblog recaps. Miss me much? Yeah probably not. Anyway, hopefully you guys are enjoying the changes to recaps. I know I am. 5 days off has been a godsend since I've practically been working from 9 t...


Changes to CBLOG Recaps

So, today is officially the start of month 3 of cblog recaps, a daily service that's continually evolving. It was always my intention to get more and more community involved in it eventually (as it does eat up alot of my painting time), ...


Nothing this see here.

I just realized I left the recaps for the next four days with Sadie G and Shipero and incidentally, Hamza is off in cancun. Which probably means lots of fail. Sorry SadieG/Shipero. That's kinda mean. Rest assured I'm making good use the...


CBlogs of 04.02.08

Recap for you. Shipero will be doing recaps tomorrow and friday. Sadie G will be doing recaps saturday and sunday. I've been pulling really long hours at work and I need a break. Back to regular ceark recaps on monday. *- I got some e...


Retroforce Go, Eat Your Heart Out

I normally don't post anything outside the CBlog recaps (besides art), but I felt this was epic enough that it deserves it's own post. Today, one the sup's in our department brought in his retro collection. I guess he was planning on just...



No I'm not talking about the RROD that your thinking of. I'm talking about the Rick Roll of Death. I've run into 3 instances so far where some damn Rick Roll link has killed my machine and I had to reboot. Seriously, I don't even underst...


CBlogs of 04.01.08

what....you didn't actually think I'd do a serious recap today, did you? I learn from my mistakes (turning point day 1 anyone?), thank you. Everything I didn't feel like categorizing got lumped into the same group. some good laughs mixed...


CBlogs of 03.31.08 + Arkisms

*- Colette has a DTOID CANCUN announcement. Just bumping this since it's an important announcement. If your going to cancun. If your not going to cancun, maybe not so important. A- The blame game (nintendoll) S- Musical Attack Monday ...


CBlogs of 03.30.08 + Arkisms

*- Nessie Attends Best Buys Wii for Women Event S- Megami Tensei Perpsective (thelvler) S- Good and Bad (Geoffuw) S- Good and Bad (Geoffuw) M- FZero (NihonTiger) P- New ideas for Podcastle C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31) C- Cblog Xbox ...


CBlogs of 03.28.08 + Arkisms

A big thanks to Yojimbo for covering the recaps yesterday (I turned 23 and was enjoying a mini celebration with Dex and Charlie at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles). We then came back to my place and played Catan till like 2 in the morning. ...


CBlogs of 03.26.08

Hey folks. It's now the 27th. That's a pretty significant day for some reason. Maybe it has to do with today being one of the 3 central days of Aries 1, represented by the Hermit Tarot. Just maybe. Also, Yojimbo will get your recaps ...


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