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Down Right Fierce: The Fighting Game C-Blog. Games That Train You for Fighters II + Contest Winner!


Welcome again to Down Right Fierce. I want to start off by thanking everyone who read and left comments for the first DRF. Good to see so many fighting game fans still out there.

Now onto the contest.

Congrats CaptainApocalypse, A winner is YOU! Check your PM's.

Without further ado, part 2 of games that prepare you for fighters.

The Burnout series

Burnout is all about one thing: risk vs reward. The same dynamic is present in fighters. Drive in oncoming/attempt a jump-in cross-up? Or stay in my lane/throw a fireball to push 'em back?

Platformers: 2D and 3D

It's all why, when, and how to jump. There's jumps, small jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, flying, unfly mode, air dash, and dive kicks. Moves/special moves can alter your trajectory whether it's Mario's butt stomp or Akuma's dive kick. Here's a good reason to pay attention:

(Thanks Scary Womanizing Pig Mask)

Platformers go especially well with my next point


I love shoot-em-ups. While they sharpen your reflexes, that's not the reason they're included here. I want to talk about bullet hell, and the concept of the hitbox.

The little white dot is the hitbox. If enemy fire hits it, its over.

This is practice mode, believe it or not!

In bullet hell, your ship has a specific part that is vulnerable. The key to racking up high scores is to allow enemy fire to barely graze this spot. Pixel perfect positioning. This applies to fighters too.

Knowing the hitbox is the key to striking shallow, deep, or crossing-up to mess up their blocking. Here are a couple of video examples:


Sorry about the quality. Just watch from the 39 second mark onwards.

A really extreme example of the hitbox.

Know the hitbox, and you know where to strike.

Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, or any rhythm based game.

Timing. After all, a special move or a combo is nothing more than a timed sequence of button presses, right? Rhythm games also provide a great sense of tension. Trying to nail 100% on Through the Fire and Flames is the same as a final round do-or-die situation. For example:


That's it for this edition. Be on the lookout for more fighting game goodness next week.

Also, Should Dtoid fighting game fans have their own night? "Sweep the Leg" Thursdays or something? Leave your feedback in the comments.
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