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2008, What's YOUR game?

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the new Metal Gear Solid downloadable content. No. Wait. I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to getting my hands
on the new Metal Gear Solid downloadable content for the much-famed LittleBigPlanet, but I am also looking forward to seeing Sony attempting to make Home more
interesting. You know, something you actually want to fire up every now and then.

I know I am not alone in thinking the new LBP DLC is really really cool. In fact I've heard some 360 people talk about maybe possibly thinking about getting a PS3 after
their Xbox broke down again. The MGS DLC for LBP seems to be hitting a very sweet spot with a lot of people, and hopefully Sony can move some units because of

Maybe the PS3 price drop that didn't happen will finally work it's magic in Q1 of 2009. I'd like that, my PSN buddylist is filled with internet people, but hardly any of my real
friends are in there. And thta's an issue, and it's one Sony should have done something about. six months ago. Maybe make some money selling software, attracting
developers, who attract gamers, attracting developers, and the circle goes on. Selling things is what all the other companies are trying to do, while sony seemed to have
been trying to minimize losses. Microsoft, on the other hand did a great job with their aggressive price drops, and I think itís really sad that Nintendo and Sony played
stubborn kids and kept saying no, screwing the customer (read: you) in the process.

Speaking of screwing customers, Nintendo seems to be doing a great job doing just that. According to the big N we donít want games for gamers, but games for my mom
and imaginary 15 year old sister. We donít need support for external hard drives, what we really want is to expand the storage pace of our Wiis with SD cards! Yes,
Nintendo sure knew what the customer wanted!

Sony needs to make some major advances in the gaming market in 2009, or theyíll end up in last place. Sadly, there are 2 wars raging this generation; your mom, and the
gamers. Nintendo won over your mom, Sony might be winking at your dad for the BluRay drive in the PS3, but the 360 is just plain cheap, and your dad might like a game
every now and then too. Who owns the number one spot is clear: Nintendo, but after that it's anybody's guess. The second one is ours; the console war that we are used
to. This one is lost by Nintendo already, won by Microsoft, and Sony is coming in second place.
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