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Overwatch Review (PC)

This is going to be the first online game that I review. Up until now, all I've reviewed are basically single player games with a couple of online features, but not truly online games. I'm going to say this first, I'm not really a big ...


Lost Dimension Review (Vita)

This is one of the games on my backlog that I've been playing on and off since it's a relatively short game, but I had to restart a few times along the way due to failure to pray to RNGesus. I finally finished it a second time today. S...


Stardew Valley Review (PC)

I've liked the farming sims since the days of Harvest Moon on the SNES though I haven't played many of them overall. I played the one on the GBA that let you choose genders for the first time and only three of 3D ones. Stardew Valley i...


Story of Seasons Review (3DSXL)

Just in time for this review after I learned that there's a new one coming out soon in Japan. It took me about 45 hours worth of game time to make it through a season of year 2 and at this point. Story: The story of Story of Seasons fo...


About capitanone of us since 10:18 PM on 09.14.2008

I studied to be a teacher, but I only have a tutoring job right now that has very few hours. When I'm not busy, I'm trying out random games that get my interest and writing reviews about them. Keep in mind that these reviews are based on my own opinion and what I think about the game. I generally dislike F2P features that exclude players by making the top items only obtainable with real money or are absurdly expensive and P2P games that limit a player's ability to play with something like fatigue or stamina systems. I also tend to be late with reviews as I only purchase games when I have the time to actually play them.

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