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It's all mine! w00t!

Just a quick note - as of today I am the full-time midday guy on one of our local stations! Yay! EDIT - Sorry... I guess I should have posted this originally... The station is 97.3 JOE FM, located in Saginaw, MI. Our state has a HORRIBL...


Why I love working in Radio

Aside from being the PR Manager and a writer at, I am also a part-time DJ at a local radio station. Last week, I was moved from the country station (THANK GOD) over to the "whatever" station. This week, I have been fi...


The loss of a great companion.

Today I have suffered a great loss. While I was creating my skater in preparition of playing my review copy of THPG, my Xbox 360 beeped at me and locked up. I didn't really think anything of it, untill I tried to turn it back on. That's ...


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