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October Movie Marathon

I have decided that since I have a bunch of DVDs, and I haven't watched most of them in a very long time, that I am going to hold a movie marathon for myself through the month of October. And one day in September.

Of course, all of these are going to be movies that fit in a Halloween theme. Let me explain what I mean by that though. I don't mean simply Horror/Thriller/Slasher flicks, but also movies that deal with the supernatural, aliens, or creatures of some sort.

Starting on September 30th, I am going to watch one movie a night until a double-feature on October 30th, and then the next day, I will post a blog about why I chose that particular movie (aside from the fact that it's something that I happened to own on DVD), and tell you why I think you might like it if you haven't already seen it.

I have a question though - do you guys think I should reveal my whole list up front, a little at a time, or just on a post-to-post basis? I'm not sure how I want to handle that.

Regardless, here is the first movie I am going to watch:

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