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The Recent Plaugue of Fan-Bait Articles

Let me begin by saying that I am sick of this console-comparison trend that is currently plaguing the internet. Iím down with free speech and the expression of personal opinion, but to me, many articles online merely exist as a thinly-veile...


Fanboys are everywhere. Here's proof:

Letís face it: people, in general, are terribly narcissistic. They will do anything to seem more powerful, cunning, or intelligent than their peers. With videogames appealing to the (slightly) younger crowd of this generation, many of these...


Transcending Genres: 3 Games that do it right

Innovation, indie, generic, mindless, clone, In our quest to scour the internet for the latest and greatest games to play and talk about, at least one of these words are bound to show up in a review of some game. In our era of sequels and ...


Best in-game soundtracks: For real (Not lame)

After countless lists of the same regurgitated songs from the same videogames, I started thinking. There HAS to be more great music out there. Where are all the countless melodies and tunes that I cherished while growing up? You know, befor...


Belated introduction: I have a life, I swear!

After having an article go by completely unnoticed by the destructoid community, I felt that an introduction was in order. It's the least I can do for the community. After all, who doesn't love fresh meat? First things first: I a ...


NVGR, but really awsome nonetheless (Geek related)

During class today, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom (as all humans do), and to get some privacy, I decided to enter a stall. To my surprise, amist the crude drawings, vulgarities, slander, and racism, there was one thing that stuck ...


The Nintendo 64: changing the way games are played

Ah, the good old days. The onset of 3-d gaming, the Nintendo 64 was a prime example of videogames at their peak. Forget the blurry graphics, forget the limited library, and forget the fact that it officially "lost" to the ps1. The n64 deliv...


About campbell00one of us since 6:53 PM on 05.13.2009

First things first: I a kid living in the suburbs with my family of 7 significant others who is nearing the middle of his 12th grade year. I have 5 brothers, whose interests in gaming range from a passing interest to a love almost as great as mine. I am interested in computing and, perhaps its polar opposite, writing. In fact, my lackadaisical advanced English class has inspired me to satisfy my literary craving by blogging, however erratically. I take academics very seriously, which is somewhat odd as this conflicts with my lazy nature. Music is another love of mine, as I find great joy in listening, performing, and composing music. I am also heavily involved in the music program at my school, ranking first in the trumpet section. I also play piano, but I wouldn't call myself a "piano player" if you know what I mean. I have also been playing soccer since I was 6, but I quit in 11th grade to its horribly competitive atmosphere. I think I should say that I am somewhat compulsive, and I used to struggle with an eating disorder. If anyone was wondering/remembers/cares, I wrote that article about it under a different name becuase I didn't know how others would react.

Now on to the good stuff: I have been gaming since I was 2(regardless of how god I was, I have picture proof). My memories of my NES-playing have grown somewhat foggy, but I can vividly recollect countless memories of being glued to my SNES. Being around 6 or 7, I could beat any game that I had, save for Zelda ALTTP (Dark World simply confounded me): Super Mario World, Megaman X, Super Mario All-Stars, Mario Kart, TMNT IV, The Lion King, Aladdin, F-Zero, Star Fox, and countless others. I guess this makes me sort of unique, as I often see my 10-year old brother struggle with these very games.

I should get this out of the way: I grew up as a nintendo person. To this day, I have every handheld, save for the DSi XL (is it even available yet?). The N64 was just as great for me, and in total my brothers and I had collected 67 games. Even though I was a late-comer to the Gamecube (Blast my persuasive brother and his xbox!) I loved that as well. This is important though, because around this time, I became a video-game person. The advent of the xbox proved to me that First-party nintendo games were not the only good games out there. My ultimate decsion to get a 360 further solidified this, as I have no regrets. Even when given a free wii by a family friend, it gets nowhere near the playing time that my 360 does. It's important to note that I don't waste time playing multiplayer games, either; I only play games with a strong single player. The only side of consoles I don't have experience with is the sony side. Besides a PSP, I have never owned a Sony console, which sometimes, I regret.[break]

I'll try to update as much as I can, but I don;t think that I'll get to the point where I'm fully intergrated into the community. Memes and sayings will go right by me (I had o look up "tldr" this morning!), and I don't like to participate in console wars. But I figured that if I did an intro blog, people would know where I'm coming from, and possibly forgive me if I say/do something stupid.

Hope to see you, the destructoid community, out on the interwebs, disscussing videogaming and our passions that go along with it!

Consoles owned:
NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii
Xbox, Xbox 360
Sega Genesis

10 Favorite games (no particular order)
Half life 2
Paper Mario
Knights of the Old Republic
Mario Tennis (GB)
Ocarina of Time
Roller Coaster Tycoon (Seriously)
Kirby Super Star
Fable 1
Warcraft III