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Why Wreck-It Ralph is an important movie

So I saw Wreck-It Ralph. Being someone who grew up in the SNES era and later became fascinated with the NES era, it was kind of a necessity to see it, much how the sheer amount of video game references in Scott Pilgrim drove me in. And I ...


Clearing my mind

I apologize if anyone finds the timing of this blog inappropriate, but I felt I needed to address the Colorado shooting. If you don't want to read a blog about this I don't blame you. It's a video game site, after all. For those of you who ...


Hype: The reason I bought an Xbox 360

What you have to understand about me is that for the three unfortunate years I spent in middle school, I was absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly, obsessively, and depressingly attached to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Of course, t...


The REAL Best Video Game Endings of All Time

Wow guys, I can't tell you how embarrassed I am that you guys had to read this clearly misinformed list of the best game endings ever. However, as a representative of Guiness, I'm here to tell you all that I've just been delivered the REAL...


Kongathon: Killing Lizards for Diseased Children

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for my friends and I to do a charity marathon. We are the BROgamers (an unfortunate name, yes, but the one we've stuck with) and our past accomplishments include a Mariothon, Spyrothon, Dead Space Mini...


Tales from Skyrim: I stared Death in the face

As the final hours waned before the clock hit midnight signaling the start of a new week and a new "Bloggers Wanted" prompt, I slammed Skyrim into my PS3 and started wandering the snowy plains looking for some sort of crazy glitch or advent...


Obscurity: A Tough Scale

You want to know some games I think are obscure? Katamari Damacy. ICO. Gitaroo Man. Brave Fencer: Musashi. Tomba. Deadly Premonition. Zack and Wiki. Dog's Life. The list goes on and on and on, but you know what--you all probably know thos...


Boycotting, and what else is wrong with gamers

Recently, Mega Man Legends 3 was officially cancelled in news that really shouldn't shock anyone. Our first indication was Inafune's departure. That was basically the death of Mega Man, no matter what Capcom tries to say. The multiple serie...


Bothered by Beavers: Why I hate Donkey Kong 64

I love 3D platformers. In fact, they are my favorite genre of video games. My brother and his girlfriend over the past couple of weeks have been working on beating Banjo Kazooie and Tooie--the latter being my favorite game of all time--an...


The Ultimate Megathon Smackdown! For Charity!

This is the fourth marathon quest by the BROgamers, and the first to support the Child's Play Charity. We're a group of high school kids from an arts school in Central Virginia, privy to both current-gen and retro games. We've trudged throu...


Original Sin

(This is not a post about religion) Awhile ago Game Informer had a list of the greatest games of all time. The list was shit. I wasn't sure if anything other than the number 1 spot was supposed to be in a particular order but that's not ...


The Bigger the Better?

My brother's friend lives with us and downloads a lot of demos that take up a lot of space on our hard drive... it's annoying. I came into our game room one day to see him playing Just Cause 2 right as his trial time was ending. "Hey dude...


Teh Bias: Dem Floatin Platforms

My sister: "Is that a bear with a backpack?" Me: "Yep." (Kazooie pops her head out) My sister: "Holy crap, there's a bird in there?!" Me: "Yep." My sister: "BEST. GAME. EVER." Anyone who looks at my blog knows that Banjo Tooie is my favo...


Alternate Reality: I've got friends!

Come on, let's be real. Would you be friends with that? Chances are, in a real-life situation you would stay away from a giant talking pig. I mean on a daily basis people avoid others because of race, religion, personal dislike, IQ, socia...


A slightly more humble attempt at a Mariothon

A lot of people have made attempts at beating every single Mario game. Obviously that's rather difficult. So me and 2 of my friends have a different proposal. We're just going to play 4 Mario games. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, an...


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